Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 61.98036°N / 6.807°W
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Summer
Additional Information Elevation: 1150 ft / 351 m
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This highpoint on a ridge SW of the harbor pier overlooks the city of Torshavn, capital of the Faroe Islands, and is easily identified by the three large cairns on the summit. The Faroe Islands are located about equidistant from Scotland, Norway, and Iceland and encompass about 540 square miles.
final approachfinal approach
There are 18 islands of which 17 are occupied. The climate is cool to moderate due to their location on the Gulf Stream which gives average temps of 37 F in winter and 52 F in summer. The population is estimated to be about 19,000 making Torshavn a candidate for smallest capital in the world.
View of cairns from harborview of the ridge from the harbor

King Christian IX visited in 1874 and lookouts climbed to this high point to spot his arrival. This is reputed to be the origin of the name of Kirkjuboreyn (cairns of kings).

Getting There

west side of Torshavnwest side of town below the ridge
Torshavn is not the easiest place to get to, but there is air service from several major cities like London, Oslo, Copenhagen and Reykjavik via Atlantic Airways. The airport is on the next island, Vagar, and from there you can get to Torshavn by helicopter or by bus. A tunnel was built in 2002 between these two islands and there are 10 buses each way per day according to Winnekipia. There is also a ferry service called the Smyril Line that visits Torshavn.

Red Tape

Sheepsheep on route
Apparently, the land is owned by the government and leased for grazing. There were some fences which we were able to get around, but no signage indicating private property.


town drunk at 8 amtown greeter
There are hotels in Torshavn which would probably be welcome if you hit wet weather during your visit.


Sod roofssod roofs
Since we arrived by water, we walked a couple of blocks into town from the pier and found a bus stop for the #1 route heading west. The four bus routes in town are free, and we rode the #1 to the end of its western leg which puts you near the base of the hill about 400’ elevation. From there you hike (class 2) up the stony hillside toward the three cairns which are nearly always in view on a clear day. The hike takes about 30 minutes each way at a moderate pace and you gain about 700’ to the summit. From the ridge top there are great views of the surrounding area including the town of Torshavn. We encountered a few sheep grazing along the way and there are a few cairns marking the route along the way. There is not a well worn path up there due to the rocky nature of the terrain.