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Location Lat/Lon: 47.58052°N / 10.90981°E
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 6312 ft / 1924 m
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KlammspitzeKlammspitze northeast side (may 2011)

Entering beautiful Graswangtal and coming from Oberammergau or Kloster Ettal, you will recognise Klammspitze as one of the prominent looking peaks at the seemingly end of the valley. You look at the characteristic rock pyramid and the east cirque, the latter bearing one of the hiking routes to this well known Ammergau summit.

Klammspitze is a main target in the northern Ammergau main ridge so the summit can be rather crowded, especially on sunny summer and autumn days. During springtime - my favourite Klammspitze time - however, few people climb the summit due to the still snow filled east cirque. The very steep upper snow fields, often adorned with a respectable corniche, which has to be overcome, is a major obstacle for many “normal” hikers, they rest on the sunny and welcoming terrace of Brunnenkopfhaus.

Brunnenkopfhaus can be another reason to climb Klammspitze. The terrace offers unbeatable views to the Ammergau Alps, Estergebirge and on the Graswang valley. The food is as unbeatable as the views and some Weißbier will do the rest ..... Many gave up already their plans to summit Klammspitze and made their way “only” up to Brunnenkopf, the obvious home summit of the hut.

Another possibility to climb Klammspitze is via Feigenkopf and Klammspitzengrat, the west ridge of the mountain. Both routes can be combined to a nice traverse.

Klammspitze is part of the northern main ridge of Ammergau Alps between the neighbouring summits of Feigenkopf (west) and Brunnenkopf (east). In fact there are two summits, the Große Klammspitze (1924 m) as main summit and the Kleine Klammspitze (1882 m) as a subsummit northeast of the main summit. Kleine Klammspitze is an off-trail climb (my guess: UIAA grade III in parts, mainly steep rock and meadow slopes and an exposed arete) whereas Große Klammspitze can be reached on hiking trails which require only some easy rock scramble.

To the north Klammspitze shows very steep and impressive rockfaces, to the south there are steep rock and meadow slopes and equally steep woods above the valley ground.

The main trailhead for Klammspitze is the parking area of Linderhof castle, one of the famous castles of our beloved Bavarian king Ludwig II. The castle and its surroundings, Brunnenkopfhaus with its terrace, the steep summit, the abundance of mountain wildflowers during late spring and good summit views make this summit worthwhile a visit.

Getting There

Trailhead is the parking area of Linderhof castle (fee).
Another hikers parking area is located at the entrance of Sägerbach valley about 1,5 km further west of the castle.

You reach these trailheads:

From Munich

  • by using highway A 95 and road number B 2 to Oberau near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, then

  • road number B 23 to Ettal; after Ettal

  • take the first road to the left, leading to Graswang and Linderhof or the hikers parking area 1 km west of the castle (road number St2060).

  • From Reutte / Lechtal / Füssen

  • by using road number 198 (Lechtal) or 179 (from Füssen) to Reutte, continuing on

  • road number L255 to Am Plansee, Hotel Ammerwald and Linderhof castle or 1,5 km west of Linderhof the Sägerbachtal parking area.

  • KlammspitzeKlammspitze as seen from Feigenkopf (may 2011)

    KlammspitzeKlammspitze cirque arch (may 2011)

    KlammspitzeKleine Klammspitze (may 2011)

    Bus and railway connections are a bit complicated. You have to use the Oberau railway station and then a bus to Linderhof castle.

  • See the railway schedule here .

  • Regionalverkehr Oberbayern (RVO) runs the public bus lines in the mountain valleys of Bavaria. The lines number 9606 and 9622 do the service between Oberau and Linderhof.

  • See the schedules here .

  • Routes Overview

    KlammspitzeKlammspitze as seen from Teufelstättkopf(february 2009)

    Eastern route

    Trailhead is Linderhof Castle parking area (day fee).

    From the northwestern part of the parking area follow the forest road up to Brunnenkopfhaus (signposts). There is the possibility to summit Brunnenkopf just above the mountain hut.

    For Klammspitze follow the trail leading in western direction; traverse Brunnenkopf south slopes, descend to the lower Klammspitze northeast cirque. Ascend the cirque to a notch in its southern limitation, gain the south ridge of Große Klammspitze and ascend this ridge (easy rock scramble) to the summit.

    A long and more unusual route to Brunnenkopfhaus is the northern ascent which starts at Forsthaus Unternogg, a mountain inn near Bad Saulgrub on the north side of Ammergau Alps and follows some forest roads for about 6 - 7 km one way. A last steep ascent brings you up to a col below Brunnenkopfhaus. From there go on as described above.

    Western route

    Trailhead is Sägertal parking area to the south or Kenzen hut to the north.

    From Sägertal parking area follow the forest road into Sägertal, ascend on a smaller forest road to its end and cross the creek on a narrow trail. Follow this trail up to Bäckenalmsattel.

    Kenzen hut can be best reaches from Halblech / Buching by bike or foot, following the forest road to the hut. There is a shuttle bus, too. From Kenzen hut follow the trail in eastern direction which directly zigzags up to Bäckenalmsattel.

    At the col take the eastern trail which leads up to the broad meadows of Feigenkopf and the Hirschwang hunting hut. Pass by the hut and summit Feigenkopf. Descend steeply on its east side to a notch and follow in some ups and downs the trail traversing Klammgspitzengrat ridge on its southern side until you reach the steep west ridge of Klammspitze. Gain the summit via this ridge on a steep and narrow trail. Some easy rock scramble has to be done on that route.

    Both routes can be combined to a very nice traverse.

    Red Tape & Accommodation

    KlammspitzeGroße and Kleine Klammspitze with the northeastern cirque (may 2011)

    The German part of Ammergau Alps is a nature protection area. There is a wide variety of rules including e.g. no camping, no fire. Animal shall not be disturbed, plant shall not be collected.

    Please stay on the trails and respect nature in this area.

    You find accommodation at

  • Oberammergau

  • Graswang

  • Hotel Ammerwald

  • Halblech / Buching

  • Mountain huts

  • Brunnenkopfhaus

  • Kenzenhütte

  • Gear & Mountain Condition

    KlammspitzeDaphne on the slopes of Klammspitze (may 2011)

    Klammspitze is a spring, summer and autumn hike on sometimes steep and a bit exposed trails with some easy rock scramble.

    You need normal hiking gear and good shoes. In spring gaiters and light crampons can be useful on the northeast cirque route.

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    Map & Guide Book

    KlammspitzeKlammspitzengrat, the western trail to the summit (may 2011)


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  • Alpenvereinskarte Bayern, scale 1 : 25.000, number BY 6, Ammergebirge West, Hochplatte, Kreuzspitze; 2012

  • Guide Book

    Alpenvereinsführer alpin
    Allgäuer Alpen und Ammergauer Alpen
    Bergverlag Rother, München, 2008