Koca pri Triglavskih jezerih

Koca pri Triglavskih jezerih

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Location Lat/Lon: 46.33164°N / 13.78801°E
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 5528 ft / 1685 m

Basic Data

Dvojno jezero (the Double...
At Dvojno jezero (Double Lake)

Koca pri Triglavskih jezerih (=The Hut at Triglav Lakes) is standing on a wonderful place between the two lakes, the Dvojno jezero (Double Lake) and the artificial Mocivec lake. Just above it the picturesque walls of Mala and Velika Ticarica are rising. Since 1785 close to this place the old refuge of Karl Zois botanist was standing. The first mountain hut was then built here in 1880, it was renewed after 1919, in 1955 and for the last time 1988. A bit more about the Valley of Triglav Lakes read here.

The hut is opened from end of June till start of October. In dining rooms it has 150 seats, in rooms there are 30 beds, and additional 170 places to sleep in common rooms. The hut also has a winter room with 18 places, which is opened all winter.

The hut is serving ascents on mountains in Bohinj Group. Because of its importance for mountaineering the hut is too big for this delicate natural environment. Although modern solutions are used, the place is overcrowded in summer. The majority of visitors is passing by the place up towards Triglav or from Triglav down into Bohinj valley. Some mountaineers are visiting the nearby summits of Mala and Velika Ticarica, Kopica and Zelnarica, or the ridge on the other side of the valley - Veliko Spicje. Other summits are less frequented. In summer you will hardly meet anybody on the summits SW and S od Veliko Spicje. Some of them are hard to ascend, others are just remote and standing in the middle of the pathless area. In winter and spring time it's more quiet there, but as the winter room is not so big, it is also crowded when conditions for tour skiing are good. And attractive summits for tour skiing are all around - except the sharp ridge of Veliko Spicje and Plaski Vogel.

The hut is managed by Mountaineering club Ljubljana Matica.

Tel.: +386 (0)40 620 783

Access Routes

A self-made map of Ticarica...
At Bela skala (White Rock)....
The path to Koca pri Triglavskih jezerih at Bela skala (White Rock)


From Bohinj valley

The ascent from Savica hut, 654m, goes over Komarca wall and through the Valley of Triglav lakes. It was described also by Velebit here. The relevant section is: Section 1) Koca pri Savici hut - 7 Triglav Lakes hut. From the big parking place at the end of Bohinj valley (bus connection till here) you go over the bridge and towards the N over Komarca wall. This part of the path is very steep and protected by steel cables on some places (unpassable for hikers in winter). After you reach the top of Komarca (beautiful view over Bohinj valley) you continue towards Crno jezero (Black Lake), further by Lopucnica valley and by Bela skala (White Rock) over one more steep step into The valley of Triglav Lakes. 3:30h from the parking place.

From Stara Fuzina

This is a nice trek over Bohinj alpine pastures. From Stara Fuzina, 546m, we hike up on Vogar meadow. This pasture can be reached also by a forest road through Suha valley. From Vogar, 1054m, three paths lead towards the West. The northernmost two go to Planina Jezero. This meadow can be also reached from the road through Suha valley. From Planina Jezero, 1453m, we proceed towards the W to Ovcarija Pasture, 1660m, either via Visevnik pasture, 1615m, or via Dedno polje pasture, 1560m. From Ovcarija the marked path continues towards the NW on Stapce notch and then down in the Valley of Triglav lakes. From Stara Fuzina From the end of Suha valley road 3:30h, from Stara Fuzina 5h.

Other approaches from valleys, for example from Trenta valley, are much longer.

Summits and Passages

The Valley of Triglav Lakes....
Koca pri Triglavskih jezerih and Ticarica summit

From Koca pri Triglavskih jezerih you can reach:


Mala and Velika Ticarica, 2071m, 2091m, 1:15h, 1:45h,
Kopica, 2190m, 2:30h,
Zelnarica, 2320m, 3:00h,
Kanjavec, 2568m, 3h,
Vrsac, 2194m, 2:30h,
Veliko Spicje, 2398m, 2:15h,
Plaski Vogel, 2348m, 4h,
Celo, 2228m, 3h,
Kal, 2001m, 3h,
Prsivec, 1761m, 2:30h.


- Dom na Komni (hut) via Kal meadow, 2:30h,
- Dom na Komni (hut) via Crno jezero (Black Lake), 3h,
- Koca na Planini pri jezeru (hut), 2:30h,
- Kosijev dom na Vogarju (hut), 3:30h,
- Zasavska koca na Prehodavcih (hut), 2h,
- Vrsnik above Trenta valley, 4:30h.

Tour Skiing

Lepa Komna
Lepa Komna and the range above the Valley of Triglav Lakes

The valley itself and the surroundings is very appropriate for tour skiing. But still, none of the great one-day ski tours goes through it. The problem is the passage down into Bohinj valley. Komarca wall is too steep, so if you want to ski down from the Valley of Triglav Lakes, you need to pass over on Komna or on High Bohinj alpine meadows, which means a huge detour. Otherwise Kanjavec, above the end of the valley is a perfect mountain for tour skiing, the highest one in Julian Alps.

If you sleep in the winter room in the hut, you can do great ski tours: Ticarica (with the descent over Bohinj high alpine meadows), Kanjavec, Travnik, Kal, Lanzevica, and more. If you are not striving only for summits, through this valley also the big Julian Alps ski transverzal is going - from Komna, it comes into the valley, continues up on Hribarice and goes over on Velo polje. It's a multi-day tour skiing over the high plateaus and valleys of Julian Alps.

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