Kopky and Popradský hrebeň

Kopky and Popradský hrebeň

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Location Lat/Lon: 49.16936°N / 20.08285°E
Additional Information Elevation: 7749 ft / 2362 m
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In this section I would like to present the ridge of Kopky and Popradský hrebeň which is continuation of the first mentioned. As a border of this section I choose rock formation Kohútik in the ridge of Ťažký štít. It's separated from rocky summits of Dračie pazúriky by Dračia bránka (2280 m), deep saddle in the SW ridge of Ťažký štít. This saddle is easily accessible from both sides - from dolinka pod Váhou (II UIAA) and from Dračia dolinka (II/III UIAA). Dračie pazúriky - part of the ridge between Ťažký štít and Veľká Kopka, consisting of three pinnacles and two passes: Veľký Pazúrik, Zadná štrbina Pazúrikov, Prostredný Pazúrik, Predná štrbina Pazúrikov and Malý Pazúrik. There is a nice ridge route connecting all three pinnacles (II-III UIAA, first climbed by J. Zulawski in 1909). Veľký Pazúrik is the biggest one, whereas Malý Pazúrik is the highest one. Dračie pazúriky are separated from Veľká Kopka by Štrbina pod Kopkami (2276 m).
Veľká Kopka Dračie pazúriky and Veľká Kopka from chata pod Rysmi
Kopky -  broad summit separating Dračia dolinka from Mengusovská dolina, with two summits - main, northern, Veľká Kopka (2362 m), and southern, Malá Kopka (2348 m). Veľká Kopka is located directly opposite chata pod Rysmi. From this side you can see scree covered ramp in its northern face, which is the easiest route to the summit. Malá Kopka is sending side ridge to SW, called Sedem Popradských Mníchov.
Kopky Malá Kopka, Popradské zuby and Veľká Kopka
These two summits are linked by a long ridge called Popradské zuby = Zadná Popradská lávka, Zadný Popradský zub, Prostredná Popradská lávka, Prostredný Popradský zub and Predná Popradská lávka. The whole ridge which is falling by grassy slopes to Popradské pleso area is called Popradský hrebeň. Walls falling down to Dračia dolinka are rocky, with nice climbing routes. This ridge consists of towers and pinnacles, separated by four passes (Vyšná, Prostredná and Nižná štrbina v Kopkach and štrbina v Popradských vežičkách) and four towers called Popradské veže (Prvá, Druhá, Tretia, Štvrtá, 2283 m).
Popradský hrebeň Popradské veže, Malá Kopka, Popradské zuby and Veľká Kopka

Getting There

If you are interested in Popradský hrebeň, you can climb it directly from Popradské pleso. If you want to climb Kopky, the best starting point is Kotlina Žabich plies or chata pod Rysmi.


Climbing routes in the eastern face of Kopky: here

Red Tape

Standard regulations of TANAP.

When to Climb

All season.


No camping allowed. Chata pod Rysmi is open during summer months.

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