Kor-Fuller, III, 5.10dRX

1st Pitch- 50m- 5.10a/ As before mentioned, this is a “closed” chossy corner placed perfectly above a potential decking ledge. You can set up belay in a horizontal crack down and right and place a medium cam in a hole on the left wall. But that placement really does not protect the climb. Stem up the corner, being incredibly delicate with any edge you pull or push off of. You can feel the rock crinkle below your left foot as edges also come apart in your fingers above, but both the left and right walls are equally problematic. Eventually you are in the clear and can traverse left onto much easier and more solid water worn terrain. Continue up into a squeeze chimney and belay at the far end. There was one piton in 2009 that can be backed up with gear for the belay.
Kor-Fuller, III, 5.10dRX, 12 Pitches, Mount Louis, Banff National Park, August, 2009


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