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Location Lat/Lon: 41.61018°N / 20.66408°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Trad Climbing, Sport Climbing, Toprope, Ice Climbing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 9065 ft / 2763 m
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Sunset magic at golem Korab summit (2.764msl)

Korab massif, it's one of the most imposing mountain ranges in Macedonia. Settled along the Macedonian west mountain flank, shared with Albania, is the 12 peak highest in Europe by country. The summit of the particular mountain titan is Golem Korab (2.764masl). This massif is consisted by many high and steep peaks in the surrounding area, whereas climbing some of them is technical route climbing, but on the other hand, numerous of them offer very exciting, thrilling and even demanding mountaineering/hiking experience. Not so crowded mountain massif that offers all-year long adventure experience.

Hiking /Technical mountaineering /alpine climbing /ski mountaineering /ice climbing /rock climbing -enormous potential to explore this uncomercialized beauty that this wild mountain hide in it's lap.

Getting There

There are several approach points to get to different areas & sides of the Korab's massif. The best logistic option is to overnight in Mavrovi Anovi -the administrative town by the lake, located on the regional road R1202 . The 'classic' one for approaching and the ascent of the higghest summit of the mountain, Golem Korab (2.764msl) is to leave Mavrovi Anovi towards city of Debar, and after 9km, turn right on the bridge and continue 12km more towards Border tower 'Pobeda', passing trough the border police settlement at Strezimir village. At the following junction you take upwards left. You can park at the border tower -no problems for that. After on, the trail is well marked up to the summit of Golem Korab (2.764msl).

Type of activities

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Mountaineering /Hiking
Whether you go for a single day to the summit or the surrounding peaks, or for a multi-day adventure, Korab has to offer you it's magical beauty, with its beautiful colors and vivid and adventurous terrain. Most of the trails are well marked, but feel free to explore the peaks and the surrounding highlands and summits (according to your experience in the mountains), which will make you feel stoked.
Technical Mountaineering /Mountain Climbing
Some of the surrounding peaks and it summits require technical ascent, alpine tie, belayed or solo, there are dozens of peaks that arise tall in the Korab massif that are beautiful climbing experience and even more that await their First Ascents. in general they characterise with steep rock faces, almost vertical to vertical and sometimes grassy parts in them. Be careful after a period of rainfall. Slippery and loose. More details for this at the objects related.
Rock Climbing
There are bolted sport climbing routes in the grades range from 6a up to 9a into the Korab region and it surroundings.  Up in the Korab heights there are some existing trad lines, and endless potential for new ones. More info for this on email or in the objects related.
Ski Mountaineering /Free Ride
During the winter Korab massif offers enormous potential for backcountry skiing. Whether you go for putting new ski lines, or go for the existing ones, it is hard to do the whole in a lifetime. You can go for ski summiting some of the peaks as well as Golem Korab, or you can explore new freeride lines in the mounting skiing on this mountain heaven. There are organised multi-day winter ski expeditions, with sleeping high in the mountains in the sheepfolds or in base camps. more info for this on  

        Red Tape       Logistics      Warnings!       Good To Know

RED TAPE -although there are still rumours on many forums that to ascend Korab you need a special permit --that is 'bs'. NO PERMIT is required to approach nor to ascend Golem Korab or any other peak in the vicinity. However, be advised that you are moving and acting in border zone between Macedonia and Albania, so it is strongly suggested to check-in  the border police station  passing on the road to the start point.
Border tower 'Pobeda' -Strezimir Border tower 'Pobeda'- the start point
REACHING THE START POINT, The border tower 'Pobeda' -Strezimir the only thing that is 'challenging' into the logistics of the approach for the start point is the 12kms of unpaved road. There is no 'taxi' available for that purpose, so the best thing is to contact Dimitar Popov  (MavrovoOutdoors) where you might get some assistance for this issue. If you walk this section, you will need additional day for approaching the start point only.
  • Once you enter the Korab's wilderness, be aware of the shepherd's dogs. There are two sheepfolds into the vicinity, one on the very trail for Golem Korab, and the second just on the south side of the hills at the first section. The best advice is to avoid contact,  you can spot the sheep herd from a distance. If you encounter the dogs, just withdraw in direction off the herd, yell, swing with sticks, but do not engage them! Try to signal the shepherd for your presence.
  • You are moving and acting in border zone. Be aware. Keep this in mind, and check for the borderline stones. If you enter Albanian territory, keep in mind to come back on the side you have crossed as soonest you can.
GOOD TO KNOW -it is suggested to visit the Tourist Info Centre of the nat.park to issue a daily tourist ticket for the National Park, that cost 0.50€Mavrovo National Park -Tourist Info Centre is located approx. 500m after you leave Mavrovi Anovi to the south, towards Debar. In case of emergency, the national park dispatch a terrain vehicle to assist you. You can also get some additional information related to the Nat.Park and its POI's.

Terrain info /Gear

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WATER Off the winter season (spring, summer, autumn) there is plenty of springs even in the higher parts of the mountain, and the water is good to drink (in general). So resupplying yourself with fresh water reserve should not be a problem nor a challenge. Gear suggested (for summer season /in general /hiking)
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • 1-15l water
  • mtn running shoes or lighter hiking shoes (no need of heavy shoes)
  • hat
  • hiking poles (even useful for dogs encounter)
  • Hardshell jacket 
  • Hiking gloves
  • gps or other reliable navigation device

Accommodation /Camping /Lodging

Best and easiest option is to accommodate in Mavrovi Anovi, as the closest tourist town, with several grocery shops where you can buy supplies, cafe bar, restaurants, etc.. One of the best options for adventure spirits is Ski Hut Gorica www.skihutgorica.comSki hut Gorica is also HQ for ascends on mt Korab -providing mountain guiding program & services  that offers info and guided tours and sessions for mountaineering /hiking /ski touring /rock climbing /slacklining and everything else your adventure soul might be interested in.  As second option, you can pitch your tent in the outdoors, but keep in mind that you are in National Park, so putting a fire on, it might be against the park rules.  The best way is to use your personal stove &cooking hardware. Mavrovo National Park is wild one, so be aware for wildlife presence. If you camp, it is smart not to cook meat or meat products and keep the food away from the tent. This camping advices goes for camping below the start point, and for up in the mountains, you know how and where to do that :) Camping arround the border tower 'Pobeda' -Strezimir is possible, but the best way is to ask for permission from the police on sight.

Season /Weather /Climate

June -November -is the hiking /mountaineering /climbing season. The days are long, the weather is stable in general and there is beautiful colours of the Korab's magical beauty to be witnessed on. The second part of the summer, thunderstorms and strong rains are more frequent, and the best option is to avoid these days by having a good plan in advance.
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November -April -The winter season. This season is whereas Korab's massif turns into an endless ski heaven. Although Korab is big and a large mountain massif, with treacherous terrain at some areas; it is mountain for experienced mountaineers, and its risk is calculated by the high avalanche activity in winter. There are just few winter ascents on Golem Korab (2764msl), due the size of the mountian and the demanding level of the winter trail, whereas you have to ascend 3 additional high points to reach the Golem Korab (2764msl) summit. Climate Info The system of peaks around Golem Korab (2764msl) are physical border between mediterranean climate and continental climate, so at the summit they practically collide, which causes Korab to have a rapid changes in the weather conditions. Keep this in mind. It is always smart idea to have a reliable navigation unit (gps, gps powered smartphone or even compass).

External Links

MavrovoOutdoors -Mountain guiding program &services --official Facebook page &contact Ski Hut Gorica -official Facebook page &contact Mavrovo National Park -Tourist Info Centre official Facebook page &contact *Any information you need you can get on the following links. Feel free to rely on them



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