Krasji Vrh Round Tour

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Krasji Vrh Round Tour
Created On: Mar 23, 2012
Last Edited On: Sep 18, 2017

Rating the Route (By Hiking Standards)

On the way on Krasji vrh - Krn
Posts from the World War I below Krasji vrh (on the E ridge)
The normal approach on Krasji vrh is quite simple and straightforward. It goes from Zaprikraj alpine meadow, but on the description below also the direct approach from the village below is mentioned.

The grading system for hiking and scrambling routes is here.

0. General: From 1208 m to 1768 m, exposition E and N or S. A comfortable path first through woods, then over a grassy terrain. The last meters on top are a bit steeper. Gear: Good shoes and poles. By the Swiss Scale for grading hikes the difficulty would be T2.

1. Effort: cca 570 m, 1 h 30 min.

2. Power: 1 - no difficulties, only walk up.

3. Psyche: 2 - easy. Only a few places below the summit require some care.

4. Orientation: 2 - easy, well marked.

Getting There

Zaprikraj alpine meadow
Zaprikraj meadow
You drive by car on Zaprikraj alpine meadow from Kobarid, via Drežnica and Drežniške Ravne.

Route Description

From Drežniške Ravne, 751 m.

The marked path follows the mountain road, but does many shortcuts. On the altitude of 1040 m it then deters from the road and continues through the woods towards the N and later NW. It joins the path from Zaprikraj meadow in the woods in a shallow valley on some 1250 m.

From Zaprikraj alpine meadow, 1208 m.

Krasji vrh marked trail
From the houses we first continue by a comfortable, marked path towards the SW. The path ascends a little on a grassy edge and then continues over meadows and light woods. When it turns in the W direction, we see above the path a hunters hut, (some 1250 m). From it we continue a bit more in the same direction, then the path descends into a shallow valley in the woods. There we should not continue in the same direction, we must go by the marked path left down and shortly after deter from the valley right up again. In the valley the direct path from Drežniške Ravne joins (the other branch passes by the hunters hut directly on Zaprikraj meadow). Both crossroads are well marked (2012) and also in continuation there are no problems with orientation.

In continuation we ascend through a nice beech forrest. A bit higher the path goes by a quite distinct shallow valley uphills. On the altitude of 1450 m we hit the crossroads. On top two variants are going, we can nicely combine them in a round tour.


2a. South variant.

A good mule track leads us towards the left. The path is not marked, on the crossroads there's only an inscription »Koluji«. But the path is well beaten. First it goes mostly horizontally, but when it comes out of the woods, it starts ascending. So we comfortably go around the mountain and reach the open southern slopes. On the altitude of 1600 m a horizontal path deters left to Koluji, but we continue right up in switchbacks on the summit ridge and further on top. The path is all the times easy, from Zaprikraj meadow it takes us 1 h 30 min to the top.

Koluji are posts from the World War I, just south below the summit, on the place, where the southern slopes start dropping down more steeply, also intermitted with rocks. On an exposed, ridge like position there are two circular, posts, made of concrete (presumably for heavy guns), which dominate the surroundings. You can ascend the summit of Krasji vrh also directly from there, but it is more recommended to return towards the east and continue by the normal path.

Below Krasji vrh
On the E ridge
Krasji vrh - N approach
Northern summit slope

2b. North variant.

If on the 1450 m crossroads we continue towards the NW, the path also soon brings us out of the woods. It goes by the right slopes of the valley (looking upwards) and we soon come to another crossroads, where we see an inscription "Snežna jama" (Snow cave). Left below is a cave in which you can also in summer find snow rests. But we continue in the same direction and soon come below the summit dome of Krasji vrh. On the right is a deep basin (with a cage on its bottom - for WW1 remains), and more on the right, on the ridge above it there are many posts from the World War I. The marked path goes by the right edge, then across a small plane and the northern slope just to the undistinct north ridge. By that ridge then we ascend more steeply on top. Also this variant is easy, although in the winter 2012 it happened to us that despite a winter, poor with snow, the N slope was covered with very hard snow and even ice. And we were without crampons and with only one ice pick.

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Geopedija - the map with the marked path:

Krasji Vrh Round Tour

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