Krivanske green lake (2013 m)

From the 18th century till 1980s there led one hiking trail to Krivanske zelene pleso (Krivanske green lake; 2013 m). Its maximum depth is 23 meters. Seen from the Maly Krivan (2334 m) what is the last monticule before you reach the summit of Krivan (2495 m).

There are some ledges on east face of Krivan and Maly Krivan (visible on the photo directing rightwards down) wide enough to offer many possibilities for skialpinism towards the lake from here. It is forbidden, but rangers will rather see you here than in some area where protected chamois live. Hovewer the wall offers also climbing routes up to V grade UIAA (and 300 meters long). You may also legally ascend Krivan via marked hiking trail, of course ;)


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