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Kroenten hut
Created On: Aug 23, 2004
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Krönten is usually climbed either from the Leutschach hut or from the Krönten hut (1903 m). Sometimes tourists want to traverse and ask: where should I ascend and where will I walk down? This decision is easy in this case: ascend from the Erstfeldertal, reach the Krönten hut, do a climb and descend on the Leutschach side. Why? Erstfeldertal is (together with Maderanertal) is the most beautiful valley of central Switzerland. Its creeks are full of water and not diverted for hydroelectric power. Therefore you will see a 100 m waterfall driven by melting glaciers below the wonderful Spannort scenery. To the north are perpendicular mountains, to the south forests and bushes that invite for skiing. The geological situation is also very interisting here, where the limestone of northern Sitzerland meets the gneis of the central alps. Between the Erstfelder gneis at the bottom and the limeston above, you can see a 30 meter layer of dolomite rock. Except for the middle part of the Leutschachtal (the part just below the hut) you will not find anything similar there. However, walking down to the Arni cable car is better for your knees than the Erstfeld valley.

So the approach is from Erstfeld, as described in the main part.

Route Description

You will reach the Krönten hut from Erstfeld and there are many ways to do so, depending on time, weather and season. Let us start with the fastest summer route:

1. Geisspfad. From Erstfeld (472 m) walk or take a taxi to Bodenberg (1000m). From there is a well marked and direct path to the hut. If you are in hurry, if it rains or at night: this is the ideal path. 1 hour to Bodenberg, 2 additional hours to the hut.

2. Old Path. Some people call it Alter Hüttenweg, because the first hut was built at the foot of the Oberseemannli before it was destroyed by an avalanche. (Its ruins can still be seen). This is an extremely scenic route and well worth the extra hour it needs. After Bodenberg via Sulzwald along the Alpbach to Schattig Boden (1451 m), better known as Chüeplannggen (cheese, coffee etc.). Then pass along a 100m waterfall, head towards the glaciers of Schlossberg and Spannort. At ca. 1600 m turn sharply left up to the small Fulensee from where you see the hut and its easy path.

Variation: instead of starting from the town of Erstfeld, take the cable car near the autobahn exit to Wilerli 1084 m. From there is a nice and scenic path with some ups and downs to Sulzwald. Not much faster than a walk from Erstfeld.

3. Pauggenegg (ski route). This route can be used all year round. There are certain days (after heavy snow fall and rising temperatures) with danger of avalanches. They are huge, wet, slow and appear only once a year, mostly beginning of march. Its snow is practical for late spring skiing. From Bodenberg climb south on the steep slope of Gwasmet. Do not enter the forest before you reach the upper (!!) path at 1293 to traverse to Ellbogen. Continue to Grosser Stein 1727 m, then turn right to Pauggenegg 1984 m. In fog or darkness, some skiers lose the orientation here. Most errants climb too high (left). From Pauggenegg ski down to the Krönten hut.

4. Bänderweg. This is the most beautiful route, but you need a day for this Krönten hut route. It is exposed and needs concentration. If you do it with children, take them on a short rope. Take the cable car next to the autobahn exit to Wilerli 1084 m. Climb to the forest to Bogli. There is well marked path (blue signs) that follows the yellow dolomite rock layer that leads up to the Schlossberglücke. After one hour from Bogli there is an alpine farm offering beverages. It takes about 3-4 hours hours from Bogli to the end of the valley at "Uf den Gründen" 1652 m where you join the Old Path that leads in 1 hour to the hut. (The bridge over the Alpbach cannot be seen from far and is located at the upper end of the Gründen) If you get too tired on this long trip, there are several opportunities to descend to the valley where the Old Path waits for you. Excellent signs. Some bridges are removed at the end of the climbing season. Enquire when you climb in October.

Back in 1967 I did the Bänderweg with my wife and wanted to cross the creek, but there was no bridge anymore. We put on the ropes and I did several jumps from rock to rock to the other side. When it was her turn, she did not manage it and fell into the roaring creek. I pulled her out and she was of course dripping wet. At that time we did not know that our son was baptized prematurely, before he was born 8 months later.

Im my SAC guide there is a description of a Riedstafel route. This is nonsense, because the alp there is deleted for decades, no cable car anymore and the paths have all disappeared under growing shrubbery.

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Kroenten hut

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