Kveita Via Fugledalsbreen

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Kveita Via Fugledalsbreen
Created On: Jul 8, 2010
Last Edited On: Jul 8, 2010


Kveita is  right of center, Jeihkkevarri is off pic to the right.
This is the second most popular route of ascent, and one of the best descent routes from Jiehkkevari. It has much better variety and scenery than Holmbukttind, but it is NOT direct. Instead it wanders up a valley, over a glacier, up a steep slope, with a LONG undulating ridge\plateau traverse, before finally summiting Kveita. But the fun isn't over yet, you still need to descend from Kveita before the final ascent to Jiehkkevari.

Getting There

From Tromsø: Head out of town on E8, the main highway. Drive past Ramfjord, through Lavangdalen, and out to a Balsfjord. After driving along the shoreline of Balsford for less than 10 minutes there is a sign for Jøvik in a little bay called Laksvatnbukta. There is a Mobile Bunker Oil gas station (unmanned) here, that's the easiest way to know where to turn off. Follow this road past Lakselvsbukt, a small village with a school and church directly below Lakselvstind (A big multisummited peak).
Skarveknausen as seen from Fugldalen

Drive several kilometers further, past a wide bay with a large talus slope going right into the water, and a few small islands. Soon an informal camping area is encountered. Park in this area, and head through the forest to Fugledalselv. This river is wide at it's mouth, and if you have crossed the bridge to this river while driving in, you know you've gone too far. Start coordinates N69.51987 E19.72593. Most useful is to see the map for location of the route, as the beginning of the route is highlighted.
Another helpful sign is the peak Skarveknausen on the right of the valley. This large triangular peak is easy to spot.

Route Description

Jiehkkevarri and the col (skar) to Kveita
Descent to Fugledalsbreen
Jiehkkevarri from Kveita
Descending the glacier on Jiehkkevarri.
Njallavarri as seen from the summit of Kveita
Follow the river valley past a wide flat area with huge boulders. Continue past a series of cascades, easiest to keep to the left. From here a beautiful lake is encountered with the enormous walls of Jiehkkevare and Kveita towering above. Keep to the left of the lake, and continue over some moraines and slopes, always keeping left until passing the snout of Fugledalsbreen (bird valley glacier).
Once again, keep to the left edge of Fuledalsbreen, following it all the way up to the cauldron at the head of the glacier. This 'cauldron' is surrounded by high peaks, and is almost perfectly flat. The wind scours out an enormous hole that's usually 50 meters deep. Skirt around this hole and head up the left of two wide couliors (slopes really) separated by an indistinct rocky ridge.

Once atop the coulior, head RIGHT for the summit of Kveita. It's several kilometers away, but keep plugging away, and enjoy the increasingly better views.

The summit of Kveita is similiar to Jiehkkevari. it's rounded and almost flat, with most sides dropping away percipitously save for the continuation of the summit plateau. From here, it's a quick ski down to the col between Kveita and Jiehkkevari. The glaciated ascent is best done skirting the cliff before you to the left, there is moderate crevasse danger here, so be aware. The slope gets gradually flatter and flatter as you approach the summit of Jiehkkevari.

From the summit it's highly recommended to follow this route down, as the best ski descents lie in this route. But you can continue down the Holmbukttinden route, making an almost complete circle.

Essential Gear

Telemark, AT, or Randonee gear.
Avalanche Rescue: Probe, shovel, beacon REQUIRED YEAR ROUND.
Glacier rescue:(season dependant, usually unneccessary until June.
This route usually takes 12-16 hours round trip, so be prepared.

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