Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 47.35571°N / 12.02328°E
Activities: Hiking, Skiing
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Elevation: 7224 ft / 2202 m


LämpersbergLämpersberg summit bench has a fine view

The Alpbach – Wildschönau subrange of the western Kitzbüheler Alpen has a U-shape with Alpbachtal in the very heart. Lämpersberg or Lempersberg ist the first high summit of the eastern branch of this U.

Located between Alpbachtal to the west and Wildschönau to the east Lämpersberg receives as a year round outing many visits throughout the year. It is an easy hiking tour in late spring, summer and autumn, a ski tour for beginners in winter and early spring, starting or end point of the interesting traverses Großer Beil – Kleiner Beil – Lämpersberg or Schatzberg – Saupanzen – Joelspitze – Lämpersberg.

Kleiner Beil is the neighbor summit to the south, Saupanzen and Joelspitze those to the north.

Lämpersberg hosts some interesting features like the lakes Kreuzlacke, Schwarze Lacke and Meerauge in the realm of the huge northern cirque which is, together with the meadows stretching in the direction to Joelspitze, a world of wonder.

A hole in the rocks near Schwarze Lacke, called Goldmühle, gold mill, gives acoustic access to an underground waterfall coming down from Kreuzlacke.

In summer the abundant swamp meadows are full of blossoming cotton gras turning mystically golden and yellow in October.

Lämpersberg offers fine ski tours and great downhill slopes, too.

Even the views from the summit are spectacular as I freshly recognized on a wonderful warm and sunny October day in 2017.

Getting There

Main trailheads for Lämpersberg are:

  • Inneralpbach / Alpbachtal

  • Schwarzenau and Schönangeralm / Widschönau

  • Schatzberg cable car mountain station

LämpersbergSchwarze Lacke

by car

The general accesses to the valleys are described on the Kitzbüheler Alpen main page.

  • Alpbachtal starts at Brixlegg / Kramsach - Inntal valley. Follow road number L 5 to Inneralpbach parking facilities.

  • For Schwarzenau and Schönangeralm follow road number L 3 from Wörgl to Niederau and Auffach / Wildschönau with the Schatzberg cable car valley station.

  • Alternatively follow road number L 41 from Hopfgarten to Niederau, follow L 3 to Auffach. For Schwarzenau or Schönangeralm follow the valley road to the parking facilities.

by train and bus

The nearest railway station for Wildschönau is Hopfgarten. Bus number 4064 goes to Auffach (bus stop “Auffach Café Martin” for Schatzberg cable car; bus stop “Schwarzenau” for Schwarzenau trailheads; no bus to Schönangeralm!).

Lämpersbergnorth cirque and ascent ridges
Lämpersbergupper northeast summit ridge

The nearest railway station for Alpbach valley is Brixlegg / Inntal valley. Bus number 4074 goes to Inneralpbach.

Please note that the frequency of these busses per day is not very high (about once every hour).

Routes Overview

Trails from Wildschönau

  • Schwazenau – Hönigkaseralm – (alternatively Schönangeralm – Hönigkaseralm –) Baumgartenalm – Schwarze Lacke – Kreuzlacke - summit

  • Schönangeralm – Farnkaseralm – Seefeldalm - summit

  • Auffach – Salcher – Höhenegg – Thaleralm – Neuhögenalm – Schwarze Lacke – Kreuzlacke - summit

  • Cable Car from Auffach to Schatzberg – Gernalm – Sternboden – Joelspitze – Feldalm - summit

LämpersbergLämpersberg as seen from above Baumgartenalm
LämpersbergLämpersberg as seen from near Hönigkaseralm

Traverse route

  • Lämpersberg – Kleiner Beil – Seekopf – Großer Beil; marked route with a bit of rock scrambling, very nice traverse

LämpersbergTraverse ridge Großer Beil - Kleiner Beil - Laempersberg

Ski routes from Wildschönau

  • Schwarzenau – Hönigkaseralm or Schönangeralm – Hönigkaseralm – Baumgartenalm – Kreuzlacke – north ridge to summit

  • Schönangeralm – Trettlalm – east cirque and south ridge to summit

  • Schwarzenau – Höhenegg – Thaleralm – Neuhögenalm and north ridge to summit

Trails from Alpbach valley

  • Inneralpbach – Jochumalm – Sternboden – Joelspitze – Feldalm – summit;

  • alternatively: Inneralpbach – Blaikenalm – Feldalm - summit

LämpersbergAlpbach valley and Schatzberg - Joelspitze
LämpersbergJoelspitze and Saupanzen
LämpersbergAlpbach valley

Ski routes from Alpbach valley

  • Inneralpbach – Blaikenalm to Joelspitze or

  • Inneralpbach Luegeralm to Joelspitze or

  • Inneralpbach – Kühtalalm to Saupanzen

  • Joelspitze or Saupanzen – north ridge to summit

Red Tape & Accomodation

Red Tape

There are no restrictions or regulations, as far as I know. Parking is free within the marked areas.

LämpersbergLämpersberg as seen from the south
LämpersbergLonely october hiker on the summit ridge


Schönangeralm at the end of Wildschönau valley is a mountain inn with a genuine cheese dairy in summer - don´t miss that!

Gear & Mountain Condition

Lämpersberg is an all - season mountain.

In the hiking season you need full hiking gear and good shoes. The summit routes are easy hikes on mostly marked mountain trails and - near the valleys - forest roads.

The traverses Lämpersberg - Großer Beil do need some easy rock scramble and, with low visibility, a knack for orientation.

The ski routes from Wildschönau and Alpbachtal are easy routes, mainly for beginners, too. Full ski and avalanche gear is required.

Check the Tirol avalanche bulletin here.

LämpersbergSummit view to Torhelm range
LämpersbergSummit view to Schafsiedel, Salzachgeier and Großvenediger in the background

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Maps & Guide Books


  • Alpenvereinskarte Kitzbüheler Alpen West, scale 1 : 50:000, number 34/1, trails, Deutscher Alpenverein, 2010

  • Alpenvereinskarte Kitzbüheler Alpen West, scale 1 : 50:000, number 34/1, ski routes, Deutscher Alpenverein, 2010

  • Österreichische Karte 1 : 50.000 - UTM (ÖK50), map number 3213, Wörgl

LämpersbergLämpersberg as seen from Wildschönau

Guide Books

Available only antiquarian but an indispensable mountain guide book:

  • Georg Bleier / Kurt Kettner: Alpenvereinsführer Kitzbüheler Alpen, Bergverlag Rudolf Rother, München, 1984

  • Horst Höfler, Kurt Kettner: Kitzbüheler Alpen. Mit Skirouten. Führer für Täler, Hütten und Berge, Bergverlag Rudolf Rother, München, 1976

October scenery

LämpersbergSaupanzen and Joelspitze and the golden autumn meadows of upper Baumgartenalm