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Katekat - May 2, 2008 9:00 am Date Climbed: Apr 3, 2008

La Malinche  Sucess!

That was harder walk for me, my first over 4000m. Amazing views on both sides and me and my boyfriend were the only people here. Pico de Orizaba and Popo with Izta were just performing themselves.


astrobassman - Mar 21, 2008 4:17 pm

Loved this mountain...  Sucess!

Very nice weather after coming from Colorado in winter. Great mountain on its own...doesn't need to be just an acclimatization climb. Be sure to eat at the restaurant at the meal of the entire trip.


dswink - Mar 9, 2008 7:44 pm Date Climbed: Feb 7, 2008

Acclimatization climb  Sucess!

I was the only climber on the mountain on this day. Very pleasant acclimatization climb for Izta and Orizaba.


tws - Jan 30, 2008 9:41 am Date Climbed: Feb 25, 2007

Route Climbed: Standard  Sucess!

Started at sunrise and reached the summit by noon with 4 dogs from the Centro Vacacional - they kept me company the whole way. There were clear views and it was surprisingly hot on top (the slopes around the summit were still quite snowy)


MountainHikerCO - Jan 27, 2008 1:38 pm Date Climbed: Jan 21, 2008

Acclimation Climb  Sucess!

This was an acclimation climb for doing Iztaccihuatl a few days later. I recommend this approach for doing the higher volcanoes. Trip report here:


Fabrice.Rimlinger - Jan 15, 2008 6:43 am Date Climbed: Dec 31, 2007

Nice hike  Sucess!

... just before heading back to a memorable Mexican new year's party in Puebla.
Great view over Izta, Popo and Orizaba.


emilie - Dec 17, 2007 12:16 pm Date Climbed: Dec 11, 2007

Normal  Sucess!

Great acclimatization hike with some fun bouldering at the top. Makes for a long day but it's fun. We were hiking up with a pack of dogs and maybe a hundred pilgrims (for the festival of Guadalupe). It was pretty funny that we had all our nice gear, food, and plenty of water while these pilgrims were huffing and puffing in jeans and sneakers carrying liters of coke in their hands and heaving pictures and statues of Guadalupe on their backs!


mattnoland - Dec 16, 2007 2:33 pm Date Climbed: Dec 27, 2000

quite some time ago  Sucess!

I summited Malinche with a friend of mine in 2000 for acclimitization prior to attempting Orizaba. Unfortunately my friend slipped in the ash slope leading up to the ridge on the way down and broke his knee. He had to walk all the way down on it. We never made it to Orizaba that year.


chilkoot - Aug 7, 2007 12:03 am

Woof woof  Sucess!

Four of us hiked to the summit trailed by our new cainine acquaintance. We were passed by a couple of locals in jeans and flannel shirts (later no shirts) drinking homemade hootch out of Mason jars. Great warm-up for Orizaba.


Peak_Bagger - May 15, 2007 7:18 pm Date Climbed: Jan 20, 2005

Fun one  Sucess!

Good warm up to the others. I made it solo in 6hrs RT from the trailhead at the park. Shared the summit with a stray dog.


mow10 - Mar 17, 2007 9:54 pm Date Climbed: Dec 29, 1996

Trash and Sombreros  Sucess!

Good training for the three big volcanoes, or anything else. Fat mexican women on summit in sandals and sombreros made us feel a little overprepared. We entertain ourselves by picking up discarded trash bags and filling them with trash found in the forest on the way down. Arrive and guard station, 3 guys, 6 full bags of trash. Guard laughs and refuses to allow us to throw it away there. We hang onto it until we return to out hotel room. I am thankful most areas of the US have a different mentality about these things.


TheBootfitter - Jul 31, 2006 2:26 pm Date Climbed: Nov 12, 2005

Normal Route  Sucess!

Tried a couple of days earlier, but lost the trail in a white-out. Beautiful, cloudless skies on this day, though!

Wandering Sole Images

Wandering Sole Images - May 15, 2006 10:23 pm Date Climbed: Mar 8, 2006

Normal Route  Sucess!

Was a great day and a great acclimitizing hike. Two days prior, I had been at sea level, so I was a bit winded! Was breathtaking to see el Pico de Orizaba for the first time. I had 8 dogs for guides accompany me up the mountain!


tjbst47 - Mar 8, 2006 9:06 pm Date Climbed: Nov 12, 2005

La Malinche  Sucess!

Normal route.


mxclimber - Feb 15, 2006 1:05 am Date Climbed: Dec 30, 2005

Normal Route  Sucess!

Reached the summit in about 4 hours from centro vacaccional IMSS. Very nice weather.

Panchoescalero - Jan 16, 2006 7:01 pm

Route Climbed: Standard Date Climbed: January 12,2006  Sucess!

This is a wonderful mountain especially after the holiday season has wound down a bit. Don't forget to treat yourself to some tacos at Julio Cesar's place by the resort when you return.

Rick Kent

Rick Kent - Jan 13, 2006 1:14 pm

Route Climbed: Standard Date Climbed: Jan 5, 2006  Sucess!

Had a great time hiking up with Day Hiker and cp0915. This was our first acclimation hike before Orizaba a few days later. Weather was outstanding (even a bit on the warm side). No snow present. There are many use trails. On descent we descended further down the ridge than from where we came up.

Day Hiker

Day Hiker - Jan 11, 2006 1:01 am Date Climbed: Jan 5, 2006

Route Climbed: Standard  Sucess!

This was the first of a couple of summits to train for Pico de Orizaba. This hike did have significance for me, since it was my highest elevation to date and my first summit outside of the U.S. My GPS, after averaging a position for over 20 minutes, twice gave me a summit elevation of 14575 feet, which differs significantly from the published 14640.


timfoltz - Dec 6, 2005 10:23 pm

Route Climbed: Standard Date Climbed: November 21, 2005  Sucess!

Got started late, and ended up coming down in the dark. Great climb, although theirs tons of Graffiti on the rocks.


joe_akeem - Nov 18, 2005 5:57 pm

Route Climbed: Standard Date Climbed: November 14, 2005  Sucess!

With Dan Bailey and his wife. Still a bit tired after climbing Pico de Orizaba two days earlier. Using the blue route shown in this picture for the way up is definitely a good idea. And yes, the dogs are still there ;)

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