Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 43.21418°N / 4.949°W
Activities Activities: Mountaineering
Seasons Season: Summer
Additional Information Elevation: 7369 ft / 2246 m
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La Robliza (2.227 m) is located in the Cornion, the western Massif of the beautiful Picos de Europa National Park.

Off the beaten track and hidden among higher peaks, its summit seems almost inaccesible from North, South and Est. The normal route to the top is the 400 m knife-edge NW ridge, which starts at the Collada Llambreda (2.094m).

This is not a peak included in most day hiking guides, mostly because of its isolation (far from the main routes that crosses the Massif) and the characteristic of the ridge: Not a technical climb but exposed over loose rock. However, for regular visitors of the Picos de Europa is a must.

The summit also offer superb views towards the mountains of Western and Central Massifs,and amazing views of the falling towards the Cares River, 1.700 meters below.

Remember: Picos de Europa is a high mountain environment.
There are some parts of the route where orientation is really a problem if fog occurs. This may happen very quickly and without warning. Be mindful about the route.
The ridge is always exposed, especially the summit ridge. There is no possibility to secure the route due the bad quality of the rock.
Although you don't have to be a mountain climber to reach the summit, a good portion of mountain experience will be useful. Loose rocks, or bad weather could make the peak dangerous.

Getting There

Cangas de Onis is the gateway town for Western Massif of Picos de Europa, follow the road to Covadonga (10 km) and then to “los lagos ” 12km (Road to the Lakes Enol and Ercina). Can be reached by car (Traffic restrictions during the summer from 9,00 am) or, in the summer, by bus from Cangas de Onís.

Lake Ercina

The normal route runs from the Lake Ercina (1.108 m). From the parking lot, walk along the Lake Ercina towards the small stream coming from the North. Follow the path upwards, close to the stream, and enter the narrow valley that leads to “la Vega el Paré”, the remaining of an ancient lake.

Turn northwest (right) and upwards crossing the Majada el Toyellu (drinking fountain) and follow northward through the long and chaotic karst of ” Camperas de Jaces” and “Joos de Carbanal” until you reach the “Vega de la Aliseda (1.800m)”.

The route is mostly cairned and you'll be able to follow the path in most places, easy to see in sunny days and with a very difficult orientation with fog.

Once in the Vega de la Aliseda, we can see a first range of mountains that hide our goal. From right to left we can see the group of "Torre de los Cabrones and then La Verdelluenga”. Look for the small green pass called “Collado de los Tiros” at the foot of the peak La Verdelluenga and look for the easiest way to get there. The route is partly cairned, and a vague path can be followed.

You may optionally climb “La Verdelluenga - 2.129 m” only a few meters far to the East by a short scramble through the small gully that leads to the peak.

From the “Collado de los Tiros(2.060m)”, we first see La Robliza, with the beautiful ridge between the “collado Llambredas” and the summit that attracks us as like a magnet.

We continue West, looking for the best way to get to a small path that lead us to the Collado Llambredas (2.094m). Looking east, we can see the whole ridge to the peak.

La robliza

We may define it as easy climbing on loose rock. However, the last part has some points that are exposed. The path to the summit is more like a scramble but losing the correct path you can end up in much steeper terrain.

Begin the ascent trying not to cause rockfall and keeping close to the ridge and always on the North face of the peak. Just before the summit you have to stick to the ridge to top out close to the summit cairn.

From Lake Ercina to the summit about 4 hours.

Descent follows same route.

Other Options

There are other options:

From Vega de Ario Hut (1634 m)
: 1 h to Vega de Aliseda, and then follow the proposed route.

From Cain (500 m): - Cain – Canal de Oliseda – Collado llambredas - Mesones - Canal Mesones – Cain. Is a high demanding route. 9 -10 hours.

Camping and huts

Montain Huts in the area:

Vega de Ario Hut

Vegarredonda Hut

Wild camping is possible under some rules.

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