La Sal Range Minor Peaks

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La Sal Range Minor Peaks
Created On: Jul 8, 2010
Last Edited On: Aug 9, 2010


There are several smaller 12,000+ foot peaks within the La Sal Range. Most rise from the ridges connecting the ranges larger peaks. Individually they are fun second summits when combined with climbing the larger peaks. Taken together with the larger peaks it is possible to summit at least twelve peaks over 12,000 feet in the La Sal range.

Getting There

Peaks are listed here in descending order according to altitude. The peaks below all are distinguished by having a minimum 200-300 feet of clean prominence. If you have photos or other information please forward them to me and I will add them.

Laurel Peak or Mount Laurel 12,271

This small secondary peak rises from the north/south ridge connecting Mt. Mellenthin and Mt. Peale. The summit of Laurel peak is approximately 1/4 mile south and slightly west from the summit of Mellenthin. It is easily summited as it rises only a little over 250 feet from the ridge line. The main trail however bypasses the summit. It is not an officially named peak on many maps.

Pilot Mountain 12,201

This peak has 400-500 feet of prominence and sits proudly on the crescent shaped ridge connecting Manns Peak and Mt. Waas. This ridge forms the western aspect of Beaver Basin. The peak is most easily ascended from Beaver Basin. Starting from Beaver Basin the peak is directly west and sits almost exactly between Manns Peak and Mt. Waas.

Green Mountain 12,163

Green Mountain is visible as the small peak just south of Mt. Waas when viewed from the west. The summit of Green mountain is located 1/4 mile directly southwest of the summit of Mt. Wass. The peak has approximately 600 feet of prominence from the surrounding ridgeline. Green Mountain is connected to Mt. Waas by a saddle on the southwest flank of the mountain. The summit can be reached by hiking directly southwest from the saddle.

Little Tuk 12,048

This is the prominent secondary summit of Mt. Tukuhnikivatz. IT is located approximately 1/3 mile to the northwest of the true summit. Follow the directions for the standard hiking route up Mt. Tukuhnikivatz. Descend the faint and steep trail off the north side of the peak. It is the only sub peak of Tuk so the objective will be obvious. To descend it is best to reverse the route to the summit of Tuk and then descend either to Geyser Pass or La Sal Pass.

Castle Mountain 12,044

Castle Mountain is one of the larger "sub" peaks in the range which is also adjacent to Mt. Waas. It is connected via a saddle on the northwest aspect of Mt. Waas. It can be summited from the saddle connecting it to Mt. Waas or climbed first en route to Mt. Waas from the Miner's Basin approach.

La Sal Peak 12,001?

This peak sparks debate. It is listed on some maps with an exact height of 12,001 feet and on others as 11,989? This peak marks the northern limit of the range as it extends above the tree line. The summit is 1 mile due north from that of Mt. Waas. It is separated from Mt Waas by Castle peak as detailed above. Can be combined with Mt. Waas and Castle peak for three 12,000 foot summits in just over a mile of hiking.

Red Tape

Not much. Thankfully the are not to many permits or fees to pay in the La Sals. Lets keep it that way by cleaning up after ourselves and others. To the extent possible try to travel via established roads and trails. Use existing campsitses.


The is good free camping available in Geyser Pass, Gold Basin, and many other areas. Developed camping is also available at Warner Lake off of the La Sal loop road.

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La Sal Range Minor Peaks

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