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Additional Information Route Type: Hike/Scramble
Additional Information Time Required: Half a day
Additional Information Difficulty: II
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The trail starts at Canto Cochino and you must continue the GR 10 trail to Refugio Giner de los Ríos first and El Tolmo. See Camping and El Tolmo (1.258 m) sections in the MAIN PAGE. Another posible start could be at El Tranco, you also should take GR 10 from there.

Route Description

Leave El Tolmo to the left and continue on the main trail towards Collado de la Dehesilla for 50 m. Turn left and take a path wich descends to Arroyo de la Dehesilla, negotiate the narrow creek and turn right. Enter the pinewood and ascend 200 m slightly to the NE. Start an ascent towards Las Buitreras following the little cairns. The path passes between big blocks in the pinewood, turn right below a projecting rock and climbs over the roots' covered ground, like stairs. Leave a big rock to the right and turn left where the pinewood opens a little. Then you could visit El Hueso, placed a hundred meters to the right. El Hueso, also called Peñalarco is a very interesting crag wich has a rock like a bridge. The roof below that rock forms an aid route 80 m long.

After seeing El Hueso, turn back to the path again and ascend on the E gully of Las Buitreras. Leave the red and perforated east face of Quinta Buitrera to the left (1h 30min), and continue ascending in the pinewood passing to the right of Primera Buitrera (1.469 m). The pinewood opens completely and the trail climbs gently, zigzaging between the big rocks and some schrubs towards Collado de las Oseras (1.490 m). Reach the foot of Cancho Amarillo, surround it to the left and turn right, continue ascending close to walls to the right. Then a block obstruct the way, climb where it joins another rock to the left. There is a notch sculpted in the rock wich can be used for climbing it. The trail is now easy and goes through the pinewood in the middle of the wide gully. There is a lot of vegetation as well and the creek has to be crossed some times. El Capuchino, Falsa Buitrera, Punta Carmen and Cuatro Cestos must be left to the right. It's a very peaceful place and the crags and rocky formations on both sides are really amazing. The slope eases finally and the gully spreads notably. Falsa Bola, Bola de Navajuelos are left to the right and we can see Mogote de los Suicidas and Pared de Santillana in front of us and to the left. We are at about 1.650 m and the trail continue ascending smootly to the NE passing Point 1.684 m to the left. We are very near of Pradera de Navajuelos but it's not necessary to reach it, just surround Point 1.695 m and take PR C1 wich comes from Pared de Santillana (2h 40min).

As a PR (Pequeño Recorrido) trail, PR C1 is marked with white and yellow lines of paint. We must change the direction completely heading now to the SW. Pass between Bola de Navajuelos (R) and El Torro (L). Cross a passage to the left and a low cave under big rocks to the other side, a little corner with tiny meadows and surrounded by walls. Leave Falsa Bola and Las Llamas to the right. Turn to the left (SE), descend a pair of easy rocky steps and reach an area of blocks and vegetation. The path here is difficult to continue but you only must to find the paint marks on rocks or trunks, we are now in the middle of El Laberinto. Reach the gap (1.633 m) of Mataelvicial (3h 20min). Descend the steep gully to the SE, once the slope eases the path goes to the right (S), crossing a low tunnel below rocks and passing between blocks. 4h after the start reach Collado de la Dehesilla (1.453 m), wich is one of the most important cols in La Pedriza because it's between Pedriza Posterior (N) and Pedriza Anterior (S). Take GR 10 to the right, it's a Gran Recorrido trail marked with white and red lines of paint. Descend a very easy slope to El Tolmo (4h 30min), the trail goes into a wide bed leaving Arroyo (creek) de la Dehesilla always to the right. Finally reach Llano Peluca (4h 45min) below Refugio Giner de los Ríos and Canto Cochino (5 h 10min) as described in El Tolmo (1.258 m) and Camping sections in the MAIN PAGE.

Essential Gear

Take warm clothes in the coldest months of the winter (December to February), good boots and gaiters if there is a lot of snow. The ice is rare but take crampons with you if it's being cold nights. In summer don't leave your cap, lots of water, sunscreen and mosquitos repellent (if you are subject to stings). July and August are very hot here and you could have temperatures over 30ºC / 86F in the shadow. Never forget map, compass and altimeter, it's easy to to get lost, that's why the name of the zone, Laberinto / Labyrinth.



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