Lady Wilson's Cleavage, IV, 5.9

"Painted Bowl/Black Orpheus" across Oak Creek Canyon. This is a long descent. I advise looking for a different one down into First Creek Canyon if it exists. Hike the summit plateau ridge west towards Limestone Mountain. As you circumvent around and start to descend the summit ridge to the west, you will see a treed saddle. You are going down to that saddle, but might as well angle right every chance you get until you find a stream and then you can follow it down until it falls off the summit ridge. Continue west into a wide obvious gully. We descended the left side of the gully. The first rap was a short rap over a steep section where we cut away old tat and left new (2008). The next rappel is a large double rope rappel that has been set up with an existing rope strung out over the lip of a large wet (March) slab. Rappel to the base of this slab. Continue to one final short rappel off of a very large tree where we left new tat in 2008. From there continue north down to the bottom of Oak Creek Canyon. You will be across and up stream from Black Orpheus when you reach the bottom.
Lady Wilson's Cleavage, IV, 5.9, Mount Wilson, Red Rocks, March, 2008


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