Lakeview Campground

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Created On: Aug 9, 2007
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Route Description

In Lakeview Campground, locate Site #7. Behind this site, you will notice a faint road with a gate across it. Start walking up the road. The road is shown on the topo map. Walk up the road to this point. The road is blocked off here, but you can walk over the berm and continue walking on the road. The road basically continues on to the other side of the mountain, but that's not shown on the topo map. A few hundred feet past the berm, you will reach an avalanche gulch at this spot. The gulch is about 150’ wide, and cuts a swath right through the trees. Turn right, and climb straight up this steep gulch all the way to the summit. The gulch gets steep near the top, but the footing is good on the grassy slopes. Total elevation gain is 2,600’.

Lakeview Campground

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