Larkya peak

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Gorkha district, Nepal, Asia
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Spring, Fall
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A few days
French PD
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Class 3

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Created On: Jan 16, 2012
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Getting There

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Route Description

Sano (small) Larkya Peak

1. The NMA peak Thulo Larkya to the right of the frame © Paulo Grobel. Photo taken from Rui La.
Sano (small) Larkya Peak (5,807 m)

The approach from base camp near to the Larkye La (5,135m).
larkye base camp manaslu paulo grobel nepal

2. The basecamp is on a large area of flat ground just below the Larkye La. There is a lake here also making it unmissable.

Sano Larkye can be climbed in a long day from this base camp. However, to climb Thulo Larkye, a high camp is needed, positioned just at the top of the blue lines marked below.
larkya peak route approach trekking peak manaslu

3. The route to Larkya Peak on the left is a little less steep and a fixed rope is not necessary. © Paulo Grobel
larkya peak (larkye) trekking peak near samdo manaslu nepal

4. Sano (small) Larkya peak. © Paulo Grobel

A panoramic view of Sanu Larkya Peak from Thulo Larkya. The normal ascent is via the blue route. The true summit, marked with a red line, is a little beyond the point where everyone stops. This is the route in red.

The route normally taken is in blue, to a false summit less than 6,000m, but the true summit is marked with a red dot. The red dots show a possible route to the top of this peak, which may be easier than the ridge. This ridge is feasible however.

The small dot at the base of the blue line is the camp! Very small …
larkye high camp thulo larkye manaslu paulo grobel nepal

5. High camp (5,650m) for Thulo and Sano Larkye. Thulo Larkye seen in the background.

6. Shows the steepness approaching high camp
sonia ascending sano larkye peak manaslu_17

7. Approaching false summit
sonia climbing up to false summit of sano larkye peak manaslu

8. Getting to false summit of Sano Larkye. A false summit but beautiful climbing.
sonia on summit sano larkye peak

9. Summit of Sano Larkye Peak - Grade II/AD
sano larkya true summit from false summit ridge manaslu

Looking along ridge to Sano Larkye true summit 5,807m - perhaps 2 hours?

Thulo Larkye (6,249m)

This is easier that Sano Larkye. Sano Larkye is chosen to do because you can do with out the high camp – and it is smaller. Thulo is actually easier than Sano Larkye. Best option for climbers is to make a high camp and then complete both peaks.
summit of thulo larkye peak manaslu

Thulo Larkye in the background, Grade III/PD

Essential Gear

Nothing much to report here. Regular mountaineering clothing, axe, crampons and ropes. The pictures tell you a lot about the terrain.

External Links

Nearby is another valley known as Athahra Saya Khola which means 1800 rivers. Unfortunately the description is in French, but pictures tell 1000 words - or 1800 words in this case. This is also the approach route for the peak of Panbari.

Athahra Saya Khola Himal, Hindu Himal, Lilya Peak

Larkya peak

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