Laseh Pesht

Laseh Pesht

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"Mazkadeh" bridge after Alisara village Near Fooman city, is the beginning point. crossing Mazkade village and entering to jangle to reach "Sooteh Paeen" flat for camping. Next day Continue to "Soote Bala", "Dayle sar" and at last reached the Mount "Dinar Band" (with 2800 m height from the sea)


1- Before "Soote Bala" there is a place with no obvious route. So maybe dangerous at night (and haze/fog) and some may easily be lost. a GPS device is fully recommended !

2- Be aware of wild animals (bear, wild pig, wolf), dogs (Collies)


"Lase pesht" Means beyond the stones and they meant some rocks at "Dayle sar" so all the region behind "Dayle sar" is called "Lase Pesht"


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