Layback Dihedral in Snow

5.4 Layback Dihedral, one of the most popular routes at Great Falls (get there early if you don't want to spend all day waiting for climbing classes and other parties to finish up), is the line going diagonally up and left through the center of the picture.

I once soloed this route, which follows the line in the lower center here and then follows the corner to the top, and the slick schist and gradually diminishing holds put it at about my soloing comfort limit, but I was having none of it this day. Nevertheless, getting here from the trail above was a dangerous little adventure in itself, and seeing the crags this way, with virgin snow (alas, no more!) and no ropes hanging down them (under regular conditions, it's hard to find this crag without ropes all over it on a sunny weekend) was a nice way to start the day.

Great Falls Park-- February 14, 2010


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