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Created On: Aug 5, 2004
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Just one hour outside of Sarajevo on the way to Kalinovik mother nature treats you to yet again something completely different. Lelija mountain with its 2,032 m high peak offers stunning views of Bosnia's and Montenegro's highest mountain tops in an incredible quiet and peaceful atmosphere


Getting There

From Sarajevo go toward Kalinovik. Just before Kalinovik (in Jažići(?) village) you''ll see crossroad - there is a sign "Miljevina" on the beginning of the macadam road. After few kilometers, youu reach another crossroad - follow the sign "Čemerno". After few more kilometers, you' ll reach a wide meadow with a another crossroad. You follow the right one. On next two-three crossroads just stick to the right ones too. At the end of the road leave a car .

Then you'll see a two trails - you follow the left one. This one leads you through the forest (and small meadows). The trail is not marked but it's quite logical - you just have to go straight forward until you reach Jablan Vrelo (N 43°25'56" E 18°29'53"). There is a small spring with exceptional water. From Jablan Vrelo you can see Velika Lelija (N 43°25'21" E 18°29'16") - the highest Lelija summit. It's on the left - you just have to go toward it although the trail is quite in bush/forest for first couple of hundreds of meters. Then you reach meadows - with blueberries (:)). You''ll see ridge of Velika Lelija just in front of you - you have to reach left side of it. So, go in that direction - you'll reach a saddle with magnificient view over nearby mountains (e.g. Zelengora). From the saddle you should turn right - uphill. After some cascade summits you'll ses the biggest one - Velika lelija. That's it.

Notes: Reaching the summit takes 2,5 -3 hours . Only spring on the trail is the one in Jablan Vrelo.


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