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Location Lat/Lon: 40.36021°N / 112.19393°W
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 10411 ft / 3173 m
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Guarding the southern most tip of the Oquirrh Mountain Range is Lewiston Peak. At an elevation of 10,411 feet, Lewiston Peak ranks as the third highest peak of the Oquirrh Range. The most common approach for this mountain is from Ophir Canyon. Perhaps the best part of climbing Lewiston Peak from Ophir Canyon is that you get to summit the highest peak of the Oquirrh Range, Flat Top Peak, along the way. From the summit of this peak there are great views of Utah Lake, the Salt Lake/Provo Valleys, and the little known but massive Sacramento Open Pit Mine. During the summer months there are large herds of Elk up to 100 strong that call the southern Oquirrhs their home. During the winter the Elk seek the lower elevations and virtually disappear. However if you keep your eyes to the sky you might just catch a glimps of a Bald Eagle. The route may be long, the climb somewhat confusing at times, but the wildlife, the mountain scenery and the chance of having the mountain all to yourself makes Lewiston Peak one of the best mountains in the Oquirrhs.
snowA beautiful winter view of the west side of Lewiston Peak from Eagle Hill. Photo Credit Ericwillhite
OphirThe small town of Ophir

Getting There and Common Route Information

From I-80 get off at the Tooele/Stansbury exit (Exit 99) and follow State Route 36 for approx. 20+ miles to a junction. Make a left onto State Route 73 and continue driving it for 7 miles until you see a turn off for the town of Ophir. Drive through the small town sticking to their version of a main street. Soon the speed bumps will disappear and the road will turn to dirt. After passing a public campground the trailhead will finally come into view. It should be mentioned that a small river crossing may be encountered, especially in the spring when the snowpack is melting off. One could take a 2 wheel drive car up this dirt road, however it is recommended that you have a 4 wheel drive vehical for this trailhead.
The Ophir Canyon/Picnic Canyon TrailheadThe official and very primative Trailhead
Flat Top Mountain from Sharp MountainThe West Ridge of Lewiston Peak is a great way to avoid getting wet in the river crossings of the North Fork of Ophir Canyon. To get to the West Ridge study this picture and pick your poison carefully.

One route for this peak is by starting at the Ophir Canyon Trailhead. In less than a half mile (after several small river crossings), Picnic Canyon will come up on your right and the North Fork of Ophir Canyon will continue to the left. Take a right and follow this trail that heads into Picnic canyon and pass the cabin on your way up to a promince known as Promince 9,925. Continue southeast until you reach Flat Top Mountian. Head strait south past another promince until the summit of Lewiston Peak is reached. Although there is no trail beyond the promince, this route is easy to find in the summer and winter months when the weather is clear. However in the fog or during a storm, I personally found this route difficult to follow in areas. Climbing this mountian during a spring/summer thunderstorm is a suicide wish.
akThe west side of Lewiston Peak as seen from Eagle Hill. Photo Credit Ericwillhite
A Bald Eagle flying over Ophir CanyonA Bald Eagle flying above Ophir Canyon

NOTE.... During the winter months the most direct option is to park just before Serviceberry Canyon and climb up the South Fork of Ophir Canyon. After crossing the river follow the wide road until a regulation sign is reached. Ditch the wide road and follow the marked up trees to reach the pass. At Porphyry Pass head left up a steep ridge to the top of Lewiston Peak. This route requires personal expirence (or at least some viewing from a distance before hand) so that fake sub ridges and terrible bushwacks can be avoided. What's the advantage of taking this difficult to find route? YOU CAN AVOID ALL RIVER CROSSINGS THAT ARE LOCATED IN THE NORTH FORK OF OPHIR CANYON.[img:694096:aligncenter:medium:The West Ridge of Lewiston Peak is a great way to avoid getting wet in the river crossings of the North Fork of Ophir Canyon. To get to the West Ridge study this picture and pick your poison carefully.]

Red Tape

Please remember that there are some sections of private property in the Flat Top/ Lewiston Peak area. If you stick to the described route there are no sections of private property.

[img:693882:aligncenter:medium:The west side of Lewiston Peak as seen from Eagle Hill. Photo Credit Ericwillhite]

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To find out what the weather forecast will be on the day you decide to climb this peak please click on this link. Lewiston Peak 7 Day NOAA Forecast
[img:693840:aligncenter:medium:A Bald Eagle flying above Ophir Canyon]



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