Lichtenberg Mountain Bushwhack '07

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Jul 8, 2007
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Lichtenberg Mountain Bushwhack '07
Created On: Aug 1, 2007
Last Edited On: Aug 1, 2007

Fisherman's Trail

So, my stepdad had gone to this fisherman's lake (Lichtenwasser) some 15 years prior, and wanted very much to go back. As it's not a forest service trail, there is no trailhead, and he couldn't remember exactly where it started from the road. So, with map in hand, we set out from the smithbrook trailhead, which can get you on to the PCT and to Lake Valhalla, a popular day hike I've done before.

Anyway, so looked at the map, picked a direction, and started walking.

So, after bushwhacking for a few hours, and much bloodloss to cuts in my shins as well as mosquitoes, we got up above the trees, like so.

Snow in July

And while we still couldn't see the lake we were looking for, I was excited to be nearing a peak (I was along for the peak, it was HIS obsession to get back to the lake). So I convinced him that we would be able to better see the lake from the peak, and up we went.

After a certain point, we were able to see the grand Glacier Peak, and got a lot of good views of it.

Alpine Meadows

And here, via telephoto.

Glacier Peak

Once we crested the ridge, it was a short walk to the peak (which is behind us in this next picture, the peak shown in the one that sits over lake Valhalla, perhaps someday I'll come climb it too.)

That peak, above lake valhalla

There were many good views of the cascades from here, with wildflowers and such.

Native American Paintbrush

The peak itself was not difficult at all, with the hike to it being much more challenging, as its just a highpoint on a rocky hill (5844ft, google tells me), with no summit-block to speak of. We found a little mountaineers summit register box, signed it, and while there, I took this panorama shot (stitched with autostitch)

Litchenberg Mountain PanoBest viewed large.

After a light snack, it was time to head down.

Tilted Meadows

Luckily, we were able to see the lake from up there (the lake in the center of the panorama), so we knew roughly where to go. Only problem was, there was not even a climbers trail up to this peak, so in order to stay out of the heavier trees we followed a creek. (Making me ever so thankful for gore-tex boots). At one point, I stepped onto what looked like a moss covered rock, only to find out that it was in fact a 3 foot deep mud pit, covered with moss, and I was literally thigh deep in mud with one leg....

I won't complain though, I should have known better than to bushwhack on a creek. Though, I did get some nice pictures as it was well shaded.

Shaded Brook

Little Falls

And FINALLY, we got to the lake. My stepdad's obsession was cured for the time being, and while the lake itself was fairly unspectacular, I figured I would consider it as a treat on the way down from a good climb. Below is a 3 picture pano I took just before leaving.

Lichtenwasser Lake Pano

All things considered, not a bad little scramble, just be warned, there is no trail.


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Lichtenberg Mountain Bushwhack '07

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