Limestone Walls Of Aladaglar

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Limestone Walls Of Aladaglar
Created On: Nov 18, 2006
Last Edited On: Nov 18, 2006

Massive limestone faces

Aladaglar(Taurus) mountain range extends on the southern side of middle Anatolia as a part of Alp-Himalayan system.

This range offers great climbing possibilities especially in its northern sector. This sector is located in the middle of Kayseri, Nigde and Adana cities.

Posting big wall pictures of Aladaglar to this album is a convenient way to share its climbing possibilities.

However, I have one more target creating this album.

Some of those big walls has been drilled by foreigner climbers in order to put up some new routes and these actions created a huge controversy in Turkiye.

Altough that kind of actions has been prohibited by the Aladaglar National Park Authority, area is so big and it is very difficult to control everything. In fact authorithy's regulations does not define drills exactly.

But a huge discussion is running through the climbing community in Turkiye and a in a recent very big meeting climbers agreed to control bolting in the "Mountain Regions of Turkiye".

People are still working on "how to do" subject and

It is strongly recommended to contact some local climbers before attempting such an action.

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Limestone Walls Of Aladaglar

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