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Huesca, Spain, Europe
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Scramble / Ice-climb in winter
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Half a day

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Created On: Feb 15, 2004
Last Edited On: May 26, 2004


Base of the climb: Mountain Hut of Linza (1350m)

Route Description

Slope: 1022 meters.
Time to summit: 3h15min in summer (4 or 5 hours in winter).

In the south of mountain hut of Linza you can see a break in the mountains, it's the Paso del Caballo ("step-crossing of horse"), an easy and narrow path with a little slope (warning: It is a zone shaded with trees and in winter there can be ice). In the exit (1431m) we will meet astonished by the impressive aspect of the north face of the Peña Ezcaurre to the right side but our way goes towards the left (east) across a nice path for a forest of beeches. After the forest we will appear in area discovered near a small metallic hut and will glimpse to the left side another way to cross this ridge, the Paso del Oso ("step-crossing of bear"), very complicated and slightly advisable in any epoch of the year.
We mend the hillside eastward up to reaching a level without name to 1980 meters on which we will see three tops aligned to the east: Petrechema, Acherito (in the center) and Chinebral de Gamueta, staying down to our right the ravine of Gamueta.
From this point we must descend a bit towards our aim that now we will have always ahead in the point of view. Below one finds the Plana de Diego, an karstic area fully of stones and slightly involved paths (cutlery of snow at the end of the winter is easier enclosedly).
We come this way to the base of the final cone near the Col of Huerto (2123m) that separates this mount of his neighbor the Chinebral de Gamueta. We face the final ramp that in winter and at the beginning of spring one presents cover of snow and that it can present in occasions plates of ice that impede the climb. In summer it is full of stones and is something heavy but easy.
In the summit (2362m) we can enjoy to the North (Anie, Mesa, Petrechema,...), NE (a sea of peaks with the Midi, Balaitous, Infiernos, Anayet, Collarada, Aspe,...), East (Bisaurin, Castillo de Acher,..), South (Chinebral, Alanos, Peña Forca,...) and West-NW (Ory, Kartxela, Txamantxoia,...). Uff.

Essential Gear

Crampons and ice-axe in winter. Rope can be neccesary for the last ramp if it has ice.
Water very neccesary in summer.


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