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Location Lat/Lon: 46.38063°N / 13.92234°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Scrambling, Via Ferrata
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 6447 ft / 1965 m
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Lipanjski vrhLipanski vrh seen during the approach to Blejska koca na Lipanci

In the east of the Julian Alps, between Krma Valley and the Pokljuka Plain you can find a ridge of perfectly aligned mountains, containing the two easternmost 2000ers of the Julians, Debela Pec and Brda. All mountains offer near vertical faces on their Krma side (north-west), but smooth slopes on the Pokljuka side (south-east) and thus are easily accessible hiking goals. Thanks to their proximity to Triglav, Rjavina and Luknja Pec, they are grade A panoramic mountains.

Lipanski vrh is located quite central on this ridge. Named after the alpine meadow, Planina Lipanca, located to the summit's east, it is a rocky mountain, which barely makes it above the timber line. On its summit, as well as on the south-western foresummit Mrežce you can still find dwarf pines, which make climbing a pain if you stray from the routes. To the north-east of the mountain Lipanska vrata, a saddle between it and neighbouring Brda offers the sole crossover point from Krma Valley to the Pokljuka plain. However, it is a very steep crossing on the Krma side. In winter Lipanski vrh can be climbed in a ski tour - like all the other summits close by.

On the Lipanca Meadow you can find Blejska koca, a mountain hut, which serves all the summits of the ridge as starting point or relay station. It is located a mere 300m beneath Lipanski vrh and the summit can be attained in less than two hours from the hut. Yet, thanks to its rocky nature and thanks to the steepness of its flanks, Lipanski vrh is not an easy mountain (for hiking standards). Two protected sections have to be climbed along the summit routes but naturally the unprotected sections pose the most dangers. Deep crevices open up, dropping directly down to Krma Valley and on the Mrežce side a wild lanscape of towers and spires separates the route from the substantial drops to the north-west. On the summit, however, you are rewarded with great views of the northern Triglav Group as well as the Martuljek Group, Karawanken and Kamnik/Steiner Alps.

Summit views

Summit view Mrežce towards the Rjavina Ridge.

Like all the summits on the ridge between Tosc and Debela Pec, Lipanski vrh is a perfect lookout peak. Below you find a selection of the who is who of Julian Alps mountains as seen from its top (or from close by).
Luknja Pec (2245m)Luknja Pec
Dolkova SpicaDolkova Spica
Kukova SpicaKukova Spica

Getting There

Planina JavornikLooking across Planina Javornik towards Lipanski Vrh , Brda and Debela Pec

You reach Lipanski vrh most easily from the Pokljuka plain to the east of the mountain, where you can find two parking lots quite close to the mountain. The other possibility is Krma Valley, from the end of which you can reach Lipanska vrata, the saddle between Lipanski vrh and Brda over a very steep hike.

  • From Slovenia take motorway A2 to the exit Lipce-Jessenice, where you switch to 634 to Spodnje Gorje. Here take road 905 until you reach Mrzli Studenec. Here turn right onto a forest road which takes you over Planina Kranjska Dolina to Planina Javornik and further on up to the parking lot at the end of the dirt road.
    For the Krna trailhead leave the motorway at the exit Jessenice and turn on 201 to Kranjska Gora. At Dovje / Mojstrana turn left through Mojstrana and into Krma Valley.
  • From Austria you take motorway A10 through the Karawanken Tunnel. For the Krma trailhead leave at the exit Jessenice and follow the instructions abov. For the Pokljuka ttrailhead leave at the exit Lipce-Jessenice and also follow the instructions above.
  • From Italy take motorway A23 to Tarvisio where you turn onto SS54 to Kranjska Gora. Switch to 201 to Jessenice and turn into Krma Valley or drive through Jessenice and turn onto 634 at the eastern end of the town. Follow the instructions above.

Red Tape

Alpine ChoughAlpine Chough scavenging among the summit visitors on Lipanski vrh

Like all mountains of the Slovenian part of the Julian Alps Lipanski vrh belongs to Triglav National Park. I'm not really sure but there appear to be only very few climbing related limitations.


Mountain huts on Lipanca...Blejska koca na Lipanci

In Sava Valley to the north of the Julian Alps (Slovenian part) you can find quite a number of hotel rooms and apartments. The following link directs to the official site of the town of Kranjska Gora:

Close to the mountain there are two huts
  • Blejska koca na Lipanci, 1630m, (050) 633769, (050) 611903,
  • Kovinarska koca v Krmi, 870m, (050) 631989

The former is located directly underneath the east slopes of the mountain, 300m beneath its summit.

Weather Conditions

MreziceLooking northward from Mrežce

Kredarica weather station

Maps & Books

Both Maps and books should be something our Slovenian SPers know much more about. All guidebooks deal with Spik and thus also cover Lipnica. The following list shows the books I used. Most of them are in German.


  • Julische Alpen
    M. Podhorsky
    Rother Verlag
    ISBN: 3 7633 4051 3
  • Julische Alpen (new edition - completely different)
    H. Lang
    Rother Verlag
    ISBN: 3 7633 4051 3
  • Klettersteige Julische Alpen
    H. Heindl
    Rother Verlag
    ISBN: 3 7633 3372 x
  • Mountaineering in Slovenia
    T. Mihelic
    ISBN: 961 6027 36 0


My map provoked ridicule by the SPers I met in Kranjska Gora so I'm not sure I should recommend it here
  • Julische Alpen
    Freytag & Berndt Map WK 141
    ISBN: 3 85084 735 7
    Scale: 1:50000



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