Little Bear Peak / Lake Como

This shot was taken at Lake Como 11,500ft during the approach to Blanca Peak CO 14,345ft. This was around 6:30 PM and the sun was setting behind us as we sat around camp. The clouds where moving over us from the rear and then hitting the face of Little Bear Peak as shown the the shot. One of these clouds was extra heavy and started dumping rain on us as it came over. Thats when we saw the rainbow and I tore open my pack to find my gopro to take this shot. I barely caught it! The rainbow only lasted about 1 or 2 minutes. I took my climbing helmet, (gopro hero 2 attached) set it on the ground, and took about 5 shots. Most of them had rainwater on the lens. This is the only one that didn't. I'm glad I got this as it was the turn around point for the trip. The next morning I was suffering from the altitude pretty bad and had to scratch the summit attempt. Was still worth it though!


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