Lobuche W (6145) - Nirekha (6159m) - Changri (6027m)

Lobuche West / Lobuje West
altitude 6145m, coordinates 27°58'09"N 86°46'57"E

Belongs to Group "A" NMA Expedition Peaks

altitude 6069m/6139m/6159m/6169m/6186m, coordinates 27°58'38"N 86°45'48"E

Belongs to Group "A" NMA Expedition Peaks

altitude 6027m, coordinates 27°59'33"N 86°47'51"E

Changri is not an independent Peak, but just a high point on the slopes of Chumbu (6859m)

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Shot location: 27°58'42"N 86°49'35"E, alt. 5198m, looking NW-N
(Solukhumbu District – Nepal – 16 May 2011)


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