Lonely ascent to Almanzor

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Avila, Spain, Europe
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Jul 1, 2003
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Created On: Jul 7, 2003
Last Edited On: Oct 23, 2006
Nadie and me drove from Madrid to Mengamuñoz (Avila) where we took lunch in a "venta": nice service and good food. Then we drove to Plataforma, the wind was very strong there so we put our clothes on. At 6:30 PM we started hiking to Refugio de Reguero Llano following the main trail. The wind was so strong (100 Km/h / 62 Mi/h) that made us staggering, we also could lie down against it. At 7 PM we were in front of the hut door but the guardian still wasn't there, he had said us that he would descend to do some purchases. So went to Garganta de las Pozas while he came back. At 8:45 PM we returned to the refuge, we would be alone that night. Soon we took dinner, some chatting with our friend Jose, the guardian and went to bed.

The next day, July 1, was cloudy on the summits but nice, the wind had stopped so we a took breakfast and started the ascent at 11:30 AM. We carried a backpack for both with many supplies and clothes. At 12:30 PM we were on Los Barrerones watching the great scenery of Circo de Gredos. We only met some boys wich formed a group of scouts or something like that. Some of the boys were only carrying bags, so they ripped and fell to the ground. Then came the instructor (wearing flat trainers) running and asking how many of them had passed us. Anyway, we reached Refugio Elola at 1:50 PM and took lunch. At 2:30 PM we left the hut and ascended to Hoya Antón (3:15 PM), where we took rest until starting (3:40 PM) the steep slopes of Portilla Bermeja and Portilla del Crampón. There were some big snow patches so we dodged the steepest one. Nobody was ascending Almanzor that day so it was a very pleasant ascent. However I had to lead the final tricky section to the top (4:55 PM), the sun was burning and some clouds were low but I decided to climb Cuerno del Almanzor (5:45 PM). It's an easy climb but seem more difficult when you look at it at a distance. Soon we started the ever lonely descent to Charco de la Esmeralda passing Hoya de Antón. Then we took a 25 minutes long break at the hut door until starting (8:15 PM) the descent to Refugio de Reguero Llano. Hopefully the temperature had lowed considerably (Tmin = 6 ºC / 43 F) so we had put our clothes on again. We only did a break at Los Barrerones (10 min) so at 10:15 PM we were back at the hut.

That night would be nice, the sky was fully covered with stars and there were no clouds. There was a new moon too. Our surprise was that Jose wanted us to get up early in the morning because he wanted to descend for doing some trips with his loaded donkey. We also did help him unloading Rayo that night. After having got up early he wasn't there yet so we had to ring him. We took breakfast and descended to Plataforma. Finally we drove back to Madrid but stopped in La Hija de Dios (Avila) to see some ostrichs (true).


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darklyght - Nov 19, 2010 1:52 pm - Hasn't voted

Ascent Almanzor

As you have been already in the mountain, i would like to ask if you think its possible to ascent almanzor, from plataforma to the summit and descent back to plataforma in one day.


Diego Sahagún

Diego Sahagún - Nov 20, 2010 9:48 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Ascent Almanzor

Yep, it's possible but in Winter it could be risky at any of its portillas and the final section (vertical mixed terrain). If you go there in Autumn or Winter you'll need to start very early in the morning because the days are short. By the way. Do you speak Spanish?


darklyght - Nov 20, 2010 10:39 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Ascent Almanzor

Thanks for the information, bacause i was thinking about climbing Almanzor next february.

well, i kind of speak spanish, very bad but.. i can say i understand spanish. about writing, i guess its more complicated, but google translation makes it easy!

Diego Sahagún

Diego Sahagún - Nov 21, 2010 4:27 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Ascent Almanzor

In February the weather could change quickly, even you could have a bad weather or good weather. I'd recommend you to attempt Almanzor in late February or March. Perhaps the snow would be soft in many sections, though it will be much. But do you have experience on Winter climbing?

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