Long Canyon (Moab area)

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Lonely Road for Jeeps, little use

You're feeling like a long, easy hike? Take Potash Road Hwy 279 following the Colorado River on the north side, about 13 miles and park at Jug Handle Arch. The arch and the parking lot are next to the highway and the river. Start walking west, which is the left side of the arch entrance, on a nice dirt road. A vehicle with clearance could drive the whole way, but we're here to experience the area. Starts out very easy, but the switchbacks coming up are pretty steep. Views get better the higher you go with 2000 feet of elevation gain from the river to the top. The top looks close almost the whole way because the whole terrain rises gently to the west. Walking back down is much faster. Don't miss Behind the Rocks eroded sandstone fins located due west of Moab's rim, in the distance to the east. The unpaved road joins Hwy 313 just short of Dead Horse Point.