Looking down the long southwest ridge from Jatunmontepuncu (5415m)

... with Quebrada Cojup on the right. Actually, the summit of Jatunmontepuncu, which lies behind me, is still some way up. I estimate that I have up to 200m more to climb.

One might just as well call this the SW ridge of Pucaranra (6156m), since the prominence of Jatunmontepuncu is in the order of 200m. Traversing the whole ridge en route to Pucaranra would be a major undertaking, but I'm not sure if it's worth it. It would start with the difficult mixed rock and ice climb of Churup, and ends with the difficult and dangerous SW ridge of Pucaranra itself. I saw some awesome seracs hanging high on that ridge, as well as on the face right next to it. Looked suicidal.

19 June 2011.


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