Looking south-southwest...

Looking south-southwest towards the off limits Ft. Sill Mountains from the west ridge of Mount Wall. Background Mountains, from left to right--"Blue Beaver" BM (1885 ft.), UN 2157, Mt. Sherman, "Ft. Sill Cross" BM (2196 ft.), Cross Mountain (2161 ft.), UN 1965, Mt. McKinley (2032 ft.), Fern Mountain (1671 ft.--small bump at far right, just left of last distant mountain), Quanah Mountain (1708 ft.). Slightly closer broad hilltop is Costain Hill (1800 ft.). Small hill dead center is UN 1745. Between UN 1745 and Costain Hill is the Jed Flat.

I'm pretty sketchy on a lot of these. Let me know if I figured wrongly.
April 29, 2005


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