Looking West, from the Notch

This was our highest point on the western portion of the traverse, just at the top of the notch. Left center foreground is Kootenai Peak (8,542'); behind Kootenai, to the left, with the glacier on it, is Rainbow Peak (9,891'), with Mount Carter (9,843') just to its right. Further to the right, and closer, with sunlight on its flanks, is The Guardhouse (9,336'—its domed summit in shadow); further right, and closer, is Porcupine Ridge (9,128'). I believe the just-barely visible peak pointing up between Guardhouse and Porcupine Ridge is Thunderbird Mountain (8,790'), and to the right of Porcupine Ridge is Long Knife Peak (9,784', and high on almost everyone's list of favorite GNP summits).
Photo by Vernon, September 7, 2007.


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