Lost Lake Camping Trip

Lost Lake Camping Trip

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This is the story of our camping trip taken on July 24th-25th at Lost Creek (lake) Campground. This was our first camping trip ever and we were all really excited to go, except me. Why was I nervous?? Because I had been watching the weather like a Hawk since a week before the trip. The weather had been full of sunshine and warmth................................... UNTIL Friday. That was the day we were going up to the Uinta Mountains, and it was going to rain, but I was proved wrong.......................................................Or was I???

How it began

So this whole plan had been on the to do list since Mid June as soon as School was over, but was being Ignored for a long time. One day in June, It was raining really hard outside, we couldn't do anything so my brother decided to make some plans for the summer of '09. Apparently, the weather we were experiencing was not going to end soon. In-fact, it was going to go on for weeks after-wards. So the original plan was to visit one of the National Parks down South. Scavenging for some information, we looked all the National Parks it Utah. Our tireless efforts were about to pay off. We had simultaneously agreed to visit Canyon lands National Park, with Zion National Park on the "Maybe" list.

So what went wrong?

We had it all planned out when something happened that we didn't expect. Our cousins, who had previously said that they couldn't go with us, unexpectedly changed their minds. They were now wanting to go, since they had never been camping before either.

By this time, It was Late June, and the rain had slowed down a little bit. Now as the old saying goes "Assuming makes an A** of you and me," that's what kind of happened to us. We all knew that Southern Utah is a lot hotter than Northern Utah, oh and dry too, or were we just Assuming? Our cousins said that they would go, If there was a place with a lot of Water, Water was the key element in mind from this point on. We needed a place with a lot of water. Obviously, since we took them to Lake Blanche, they knew the Wasatch had a lot of water. So what's better and the Wasatch and has a lot more lakes?

You got it, The Uinta Mountains, we had all seen the pictures of the well-known Henry's fork Basin with Kings Peak in the Background. So now the plan was to visit Henry's Fork and Camp there, visit some of the lakes along the trail but not necessarily climbing Kings Peak...not yet.


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