Lottery for The Wave

Each applicant is assigned a number on a ball. The balls are placed in the squirrel cage and the cage is rolled. The first balls to fall out indicate the lucky folks who get to pay their admittance fee and visit The Wave, located in northern Arizona. Online applicants pay an additional, non-refundable processing fee for each application to the lottery they submit. Permits are awarded daily for a total of twenty people to visit The Wave, so if a group of five is granted a permit, only a total of fifteen more people can be granted access to The Wave for a given day.

This process is conducted on weekdays only, with Friday featuring three drawings for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. It has been determined folks showing up in person stand a slightly better chance at receiving a permit than those applying through the BLM's lottery web site. At $5 per application, during peak season when online applicants vie for permits against 300 other applicants, well, that's a ton of money flowing in for the Wave on a daily basis.

Look at that money roll in!

It's a racket.

Kanab, Utah
Digital Phone Photo by Ellen Ritt


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