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Lumiar/Nova Friburgo, Brazil, South America
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Created On: Feb 20, 2005
Last Edited On: Nov 16, 2009

Lumiar Mountains

Lumiar Mountains is a district of Nova Friburgo, the same town of another mountains, like Tres Picos , Torres de Bonsucesso and Altíssimo do Caledônia. But, Lumiar region is different, because exhist very unclimbed mountains with green and atlantic forest. The people who live there, conserve the area by the " hippie culture ", just making love and not war! There are 5 principal mountains in this region :

Morro da Boa Vista - 1802 mts.
Siberia Peak - 1517 mts.
Pedra Benfica - 1434 mts.
Pico do Frade - 1429 mts.
Pedra Riscada - 1348 mts.

Getting There

From Rio de Janeiro , go to Nova Friburgo Town by RJ-116 to north. Arriving at Mury ( another district of Nova Friburgo ) turn to right to Lumiar. From Mury, about 24 km separates the districts. The road to Lumiar, you'll see many hippie villages, with cool places ( Galdinopolis and Macae de Cima ), falls, restaurants, and mountains. The region shows to you the "Brazilian hippie way of life", without the city pollution, noises and traffic. If you want an isolate place to hike, you should to know Lumiar!

How to go to Lumiar Mountains

Morro da Boa Vista

Morro da Boa Vista is an isolate mountain without clear trails, and the access, just for the particular farms. This is the highest mountain in Lumiar mountains and over there, as possible to see many peaks above 2000 mts and Atlantic Ocean.

Pedra Benfica

Pedra Benfica is a central mountain of Lumiar. In my point of view, the best hike to do, because is easy and very beautiful view of Lumiar Mountains. The access to the trailhead is on the road to São Pedro da Serra.

Pico do Frade

Pico do Frade is the farther mountain of the region. There are many routes to climb the big walls of Frade. This is one of the most beautiful mountains of Rio de Janeiro with many, hard and big routes to climb the great wall.
Fábio Pé route - 6º VIIb A1+ E4
Normal Route - 1º I
Routes of Pico do Frade
Pico do Frade from the trailhead

Pedra Riscada

Pedra Riscada is the most famous mountain of there. The climbers go there to look the sunset or sunrise. After the spetacle, people drop down and dance the night away at Lumiar square, drinking beer and good wines! The trail is easy , but very slippery

Pedra Aguda

Another impressive mountain after São Pedro da Serra district. There aren't clear trails to climb this mountain.


There are many rivers there with falls and natural pools.

Alto do Macabu

This is the best place to camping in this region. Arriving in Lumiar, drive or walk to Boa Esperança district, to the end of the road. Then, you'll see this beautiful place with wild things at 1600 mts.

Another places near Lumiar mountains


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