Page Type Page Type: Area/Range
Location Lat/Lon: 47.64800°N / 15.40500°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Ice Climbing, Scrambling, Canyoneering, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 6499 ft / 1981 m
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Mürzsteger Alpen is a part of the Northern Limestone Alps (Nördliche Kalkalpen) located in Styria and a small part is located in Lower Austria.

Many mountains in the Mürzsteger Alpen offer very nice Skitours. In sommer and fall hikers will find nice walks.


The northern border of the Mürzsteger Alps is Mariazell following the Halltal to Terz continue via Knollenhals and Kernhof to St. Ägyd am Neuwalde - continuing via the small valleys of Seebachtal - Wassertal - Trauchbach - Tiefentalerbach following the river Schwarza till Singerin (border to the Rax - Schneeberg Massif). Via Naßbach to Hinternaßwald crossing the Naßkamm to Altenbergtal continung to Kapellen following the river Mürz via Mürzzuschlag to Kapfenberg. The western border follows the rivers Thörlbach - Stübmingbach - Seegraben Seewiesen via Seebergsattel - Wegscheid - Gusswerk and the river Salza back to Mariazell.

  • Overview - Mürzsteger Alpen


Nearby Ranges

Important nearby Ranges are the Rax - Schneeberg Massif (eastern), the Hochschwab Massif (western) and Fischbacher Alpen (part of Randgebirge östlich der Mur (southern)).

  • Rax and part of the plateau...

    Rax from Schneealpe

  • Hochschwab from Ringkamp


  • Approaching the peak of...

    Stuhleck (Fischbacher Alpen)

Important Mountains

  • Hohe Veitsch 1.981m
  • Schneealpe 1.903m
  • Göller 1.766m
  • Wildalpe 1.523m
  • Großer Proles 1.565m
  • Großer Königskogel 1.574m
  • Blahstein 1.563m

Getting There

The most important town in the southern part of the Mürzsteger Alpen is Mürzzuschlag - easily reached by train - Austrian Southern Railway or by car via Semmering Schnellstraße (S 6) from Vienna or Bruck an der Mur.

There are only small towns like St. Ägyd am Neuwalde and Mariazell in the northern part of the Mürzsteger Alpen.

Red Tape

AFAIK the water of some areas in the Schneealpe Massif is collected for the Vienna Water Supply.

Hohe Veitsch (Skitouring)

3 possible ski ascents - more information at the Hohe Veitsch page.

Several more steep ski descents (e.g. Hundsschupfenrinne)

  • Veitsch Summit

    Veitsch Summit

  • Ascending Veitsch via Rodel

    Veitsch Rodel

  • Schallerrinne - Hohe Veitsch

    Veitsch Schallerrinne

  • Hundsschupfenkar (Veitsch)

    Veitsch Hundsschupfenrinne

Rauschkogel + Turntaler Kogel (Skitouring)

Two skitours near the south side of Hohe Veitsch.

Sorry no images due to bad weather.

  • Rauschkogel (from Schallerrinne - Veitsch)

    Rauschkogel from Veitsch

  • Ascending Turntaler Kogel

    Ascending Turntaler Kogel

Göller (Skitouring)

More information on the Göller page.

Two possible ascents - from Lahnsattel (south side)

  • view to Goeller

    in the background Göller

  • Terzer Göller

    Terzer Göller

  • Göller Ascent

    on Göller North Ridge

Schneealpe (Skitouring)

More information on the Schneealpe page.

The main summit is Windberg - but also other summits (Hohes Waxenegg, Schönhaltereck) of the Schneealpemassif offer nice Skitours.

Several possible Skitours (Almgraben/Lohmgraben), Karlgraben to Windberg summit - and also some step descents (quite nice in spring). In some guidebooks Kleinbodengraben on the north side of Schneealpe (starting at Gasthaus Leitner - Kalte Mürz Valley) is mentioned as skitour - I don't reccommend this ascent.

  • Schneealpe - Lohmgraben

    Schneealpe from Lohmgraben

  • Windberg (Schneealpe)


  • A view from Donnerwand to...

    Mitterbergwand from Donnerwand

  • Ski Ascent to Hinteralm (Schneealpe)


  • Summit Schönhaltereck (Schneealpe)

    Schönhaltereck Summit

Hohes Waxenegg (Skitouring)

AKA Hochwaxeneck or Hoch Waxeneck - According to the Austrian Map the correct name is: Hohes Waxenegg. A northwestern summit of the Schneealpemassif - nice and steep Skitour.

  • Ascending Hochwaxenegg

    Ascending Hohes Waxenegg

  • The summitcrest in winter

    Hohes Waxenegg - summit ridge

  • Hohes Waxenegg

    Hohes Waxenegg - ski descent

Blahstein - Lachalpe (Skitour)

Blahstein is a well known Skitour - both starting at Krampen (near Neuberg an der Mürz) - both are summits of the Schneealpenmassif.

  • Blahstein Ski Ascent

    Blahstein Ascent

  • Schneealpe from Blahstein Ascent

    Blahstein Ascent

  • Lachalpe (Schneealpe)


  • Blahstein Ski Descent

    near Falkensteinalm (Blahstein)

  • Skiing down from Blahstein

    Skiing near Krampen

  • Snowboarder on Blahstein

    Snowboarder on Blahstein

Großer + Kleiner Königskogel (Skitouring)

via Schwarzenbachgraben - usually the descent from Kleiner Köngiskogel offer better snow conditions.

  • Gr. Königskogel

    Gr. Königskogel

  • Kl. Königskogel

    Ascending Kl. Königskogel

  • Skiing down Königskogel

    Descending Königskogel

  • Descending Kleiner Köngiskogel

    Kl. Königskogel

Großer Proles (Skitour)

Nice and short Skitour starting directly at Frein an der Mürz

  • Gr. Proles

    Gr. Proles Ascent

  • Heavy Wind - Ascendcing Gr. Proles

    Gr. Proles Ascent

  • Ascending Gr.  Proles

    Ascending Gr.Proles

  • Gr. Proles

    Gr. Proles

Wildalpe (Skitour)

Also Wildalpe is a nice and short Skitour starting directly at Frein an der Mürz:

  • Wildalpe (Mürzsteger Alpen)


  • Skiing down Wildalpe

    Wildalpe - Descending after sunset

  • Powder - Wildalpe

    Wildalpe - Descending


nice Skitour - more less starting directly in Mürzzuschlag. Small hut (Kaarlhütte) near the summit (also open in winter)

  • Kreuzschober (Skitour)


  • Kaarlhütte - Kreuzschober



Two short waterfalls in the Mürzvalley (one near Krampen on near Mürzssteg)

sorry no images - although I climbed Krampen Ice Gully some years ago (btw. Krampen Gully is in summer a Canyoning Tour)

Ski Resorts

Two small ski resorts at Niederalpl and Brunnalm (both Hohe Veitsch) - more information on the Hohe Veitsch page


A lot of marked trails - please attach images from summer/fall of this area to improve the page.

Places to Stay

B&Bs in Mürzzuschlag, Neuberg/Mürz, Frein/Mürz, Mürzssteg, Mariazell, Veitsch etc.

Several Huts on the mountains

Graf Meran Haus (Veitsch)

Graf Meran Haus

Kaarlhütte - Kreuzschober


External Links & Webcams

Routes and Tops at (German only)

Huts in the Mürzsteger Alpen at

Veitsch Webcam Veitsch Brunnalm Webcam



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