Mamet hole

Getting ready to execute complex and sophisticated scientific experiment which will enable us to measure the depth of this huge hole in the body of SE Velebit called Mamet. We took the stone of exactly unknown weight and size and throw it inside. Stone could not resist the gravity and after bit over 8 seconds it hit the snow somewhere in the bowels of Velebit. Complex calculations revealed that hole is exactly 206000000 micrometers or 206 meters deep.

Karst of Velebit is full of holes. Some of them are among deepest in the world! But their openings aren't as monumental so in terms of size Mamet is really fascinating. Its walls are perpendicular, on some places even overhanging and opening is huge. It keeps the width all the way down and even expands near the bottom.

Just to stand at the edge of this gigantic stomach isn't easy. Thought of falling in sends shivers down the spine. Imagine how would it be to jump in it?! Well, that is exactly what Felix Baumgartner from Austria did in October 2004.

Here is story and amazing photos of the event.

Photo: Aleksandar Gospic


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