Map of the Land Grants,...

Map of the Land Grants, National Forests, and the Indian Reservation of Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico.
The Sangre de Cristo Land Grant is on the right-center of the scan. The Baca land grant is above it and just above the Sand Dunes N.P.
(Scanned Image US Dept. of the Interior)


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Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson - Apr 8, 2003 6:40 pm - Hasn't voted


Perhaps more than any mountain in America, Culebra's complex history is very important in helping climbers understand why things are the way they are. Many mountains have controversial histories, but Culebra takes the cake. If you have not read the history, go to the Culebra page and check it out. You will be amazed and angered.

History affects us all in ways we may not be aware of or understand. The fate of mountains are carelessly handled by the greedy and thoughtless quite often. It makes me thankful for the Forest Service and Wilderness Areas to prevent such tragedies.

SP can serve in an educational capacity as well as a mountaineering capacity. What a great resource, particularly to warn climbers of likely problems they will encounter in such situations. Thanks for adding your historicals to SP, Grant.

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