Marble Canyon, II, WI 3-5

(we did climb this route after a slight hesitation, worth it once you get past the un protectable portion)
The first one is a thin sheet (WI 4) that is difficult to protect until you make a complete turn above in an alcove of sorts (photo). Then continue up a WI 4 curtain above the turn that was easy to protect until you scramble out of snow, logs and brush to the top of the canyon. You can bring up the 2nd and rappel utilizing a significant downed tree that we left tat on in 2008. You can also stop short of breaking out of the canyon and top rope via a bolt or two. Probably a good idea to back them up with screws until the last rappel.
Marble Canyon, Kootenay National Park, BC, Canadian Rockies Ice, January, 2008


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