Maria Comprida

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Rio de Janeiro-Petropolis City, Brazil, South America
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Maria Comprida
Created On: Jan 20, 2005
Last Edited On: Jan 4, 2006


Maria Comprida is one of a group of mountains of Brazilian Sea Range. It's a granite tower with dangerous scarps in all the sides. The mountain is viewed from all Petropolis City and some parts of Rio de Janeiro State. At clearly days, on the summit, you can see more of 400 km of Rio de Janeiro's coastline. The mountain has very dangerous passes and the last one is special, the Camelo's Pass. This pass you'll be carefull if you go to climb , you must to know that pass are two rocks on the thin scarp. There are two Camelos: Camelo #1 and #2. After this, just climb the summit but you'll go to pass through the Neck pass( it's very dangerous and I recomend to use a rope for your security) . Another interesting mountain around Maria Comprida Peak is Joao Grande Peak, with good climbing routes too.

Getting There

Maria Comprida Peak is in Araras district of Petropolis City. Petropolis City is a Brazilian Imperial City and has some museums to visit there. From Rio de Janeiro, you'll travel all over to BR-040 road to north passing by Petropolis. Turn on Araras district , take the way to Vale das Videiras and go to Capoeirão hotel to start the climb. From Rio, you'll go trogh about 150 km at best to the base camp until the starting of climbing. The climbing is difficult , 2-4 hours to get the summit in a scarp trail, but the view... is stricking. Maria Comprida Peak is in front of the Serra dos Orgaos National Park range and on the summit, you'll see all the mountains range.

Red Tape

Maria Comprida Peak isn't a Park. It's a particular "backyard" of Capoeirão hotel and you can pass free for climb the mountain. But you will have responsibility with the Nature and the wildlife.

When To Climb

The climbing of Maria Comprida usually be at winter, because the trail is very long and do not have water in the trail. You will must to carry your water to the hike.


The Maria Comprida Peak don't have camps. You must camp at the hotels around the mountains at the Vale das Videiras valley or Araras district.

Mountain Conditions

At for forecast mountain area.

Maria Comprida Region

Views of Maria Comprida region.


Lights of Maria Comprida group and adjacencies.

Maria Comprida

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