Mark looking back at our route

We're on the Italian normal route to Mont Blanc and although we still have some 550m to ascend, we've already done 1150m or so, including the hard parts. High on the western slopes of Dôme du Goûter, shortly before joining up with the very busy French normal route, Mark looks back at the ridge that we've just traversed, from Piton des Italiens (4002m). It's one kilometer from there to Dôme du Goûter. While the last part was very wide, further down it wasn't, and the big drops to either side made it quite exhilarating!

To the right are les Dômes de Miage (3673m). The two climbers approaching us on the ridge came from there. The route to Mont Blanc traversing those peaks joins the Italian normal route at the Piton des Italiens.
In the center are les Aiguilles de Tré la Tête (3930m).

9 July 2011.


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