Marmolada south side: the Conturina's Song

From the left you can see: Gran Vernèl (3205m), Vernèl saddle, Piccolo Vernèl (3092m), Marmolada saddle (2910m), Punta Penìa (3342m). Pic taken from upper Val Contrìn.

* * *

Once upon a time, in the Contrin Valley (upper Val di Fassa) lived a
beautiful girl, Conturina. Her stepmother and her half sisters were jealous
of her beauty, and asked a witch to cast a spell on Conturina: the
beautyful girl was turned into a stone statue and brought on the high
ridges of Ombretta Pass, in the Marmolada Range... They say that still
today, in upper Contrin Valley, you can hear Conturina singing: “Son de
sass e no me meve, son de crepa en Marmoleda, son na fìa abandoneda e no sé
per che resòn” (“I’m made of stone and I can’t move, I’m a rock in
Marmolada, I’m an abandoned daughter and I don’t know why!”)


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