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Created On: Jun 23, 2011
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San Jorio pass (Passo di San Jorio - 2010m) is the point that divides the Como Prealps from the Lepontine Alps, immediatly N of this point the Cima di Cugn (2237m) is the border between Italy, Ticino and Grigioni (Grabunden); but this summit whose prominence on its E side is less than 40m can be considered only as a shoulder of the Marmontana (2316m), SW hinge of the Muncech (Forcola-Marmontana) group.

Marmontana is a wide mountain with 3 summits placed on a ridge W-E, a series of steep (up to 45° and more) grassy hillsides on its S side and horrible stone and rocky slopes on its N side.
Cima di Cugn
from the saddle between Marmontana and Cima di Cugn

Getting There

  • From Italy - Rifugio Giovo (1707m)
    From Como follow the road "Regina" (western side of the lake) up to DONGO.
    Here, after the bridge, on the left, a road leads to Stazzona, Germasino and Garzeno, where you can find on the righ side, a sign for Rif.Giovo,
    A good narrow and not short road (the last part, some kms, is unpaved) leads to the Rif. Giovo (wide and free car parking)

  • From Switzerland - Alpe di Cadinello (1828 m)
    From Bellinzona along the road of Mesolcina till Roveredo, here, on the right, a road to Monte Laura (1400 m).
    The narrow road goes on for ~4 km and after a small tunnel ends to the car parking of Alpe di Cadinello (1828 m).

    Routes overview

    The main and the only fine (hiking) route to this mountain is along a narrow path, not everywhere well marked, along the ridge between Passo di San Jorio (W border) and the Bocchetta Stazzona (E border).

    To get the ridge

  • On the S side a net of tracks, more or less marked and useful, give access to the summital ridge.

  • On the N side a good path, crossing the scree below the (ugly) N slopes, allow to get the summital ridge between Cima di Cugn and W summit along a channel of scree (well visible path) or, the Bocchetta del lago (E of Bocchetta Stazzona)
  • Accomodations

    No need to spend the night here, the trip is short and can be made in half a day, anyway the 2 refuges on the Italian side (don't know the Swiss ones) can give you the usually good mountain food.


    the routes are easy and only require a "good foot" but, in late autumn and winter, when the grass is under the snow some snowslide risk is real.

    The ski mountaneering CAN be done only in absolutely safe conditions (almost never)

    A pano of Muncech range with names of the summits