Martin's Route 'Martinovka'

Martin's Route /Martinovka/ follows ridgeline from Pol'sky Hreben 2200m (not visible) to Gerlachowsky Stit 2655m. It is possible to escape from this nearly 2km long ridge by Litvorovo Sedlo and Tetmajerovo Sedlo.

In Tatras almost each rock tower and little pass has a name.
Along the Martin's Route it is:
Polsky Grzebien/ Pol’sky Hreben /large pass, 2200 m/
Wielicki Szczyt/ Velicky Stit /major summit, 2318 m/
Wielicka Przelecz /pass/
Litworowy Szczyt/ Litvorowy Stit /major peak, 2413 m/
Litworowa Przelecz/ Litvorovo Sedlo /pass/
Wielicka Turniczka /rock tower/
Niznia Luczywianska Szczerbina /small pass/
Niznia Wysoka Gierlachowska /big rock tower/
Wyznia Luczywiañska Szczerbina /small pass/
Gierlachowska Turniczka /small rock tower/
Niznia Gierlachowska Przelczka /small pass/
Wyznia Wysoka Gierlachowska /big rock tower/
Posrednia Gierlachowska Przelczka /small pass/
Gierlachowska Kopa /north and lowest summit of Zadni Gierlach/
Wyznia Gierlachowska Przelczka /small pass/
Lawinowy Szczyt/ Lavinovy Stit /the middle summit of Zadni Gierlach, 2606 m/
Nizna Jurgowska Szczerbina /small pass/
Jurgowskie Czuby /three little rock towers/
Wyznia Jurgowska Przelczka /small pass/
Zadni Gierlach/ Zadny Gerlach /main peak, 2640 m/
Przelecz Tetmajera/ Tetmajerovo Sedlo /characteristical pass between Zadni Gierlach and Gierlach, 2590 m/
Gierlach/ Gerlachovsky Stit /2655 m/.

Based on this photo made by Tomek Lodowy

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very cool

love those annotated photos of the traverses you posted.


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thanks Radek, the pleasure is mine

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