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Masnerkopf at Sunrise
Masnerkopf (2828m) at Sunrise as seen from the S-ridge of Hexenkopf

Masnerkopf is a  pyramid shaped mountain in the Northern part of the Samnaun Group. It is located next to its higher, and more famous neighbor, Hexenkopf.  Masnerkopf is  a lonesome mountain in the summer months, and the chance of being alone on this mountain is quite big. Summit views are fenomenal since this mountain is located in the heart of the Samnaun Group. From the summit one can see the major Samnaun Group mountains like Hexenkopf, Furgler and Vesulspitze, but also many of the Otztal Alps' major peaks.

There is a small catch though, in recent years the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis ski resort decided to build a new chairlift to replace the old Minderslift. This new chairlift was built in recent years and has its top station just below the actual summit of Masnerkopf. This station is also the highest point of the entire combined ski area. Sadly, this feature does not make this mountain more attractive for climbers/hikers to say the least. But still, in summer and fall, you won’t see much (or any) people here. In winter, of course, it is another story.

Masner area with Furgler and Pezid
Summit view in Winter

2 Coloured Lakes in front of Furgler
Summit view in Summer

The base for climbing Masnerkopf is the Hexenseehütte, a mountain Hut from the Rheinland-Koeln DAV section, situated directly south-east of the mountain at an altitude of 2558 meters opposite to the Hexensee, a small lake. Climbing Masnerkopf can be done in a single day using the lift facilities of Serfaus (Lazidbahn), but requires a long day of hiking. Most people spend the night in the Hexenseehütte and make the climb of Masnerkopf  a 2 day outing, mostly combined with an ascent of Hexenkopf. Apart from Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis there is also the possibility to climb the mountain from See in the Paznauntal.

Ochsenscharte after Sunrise from the North Flank
Gmaiersee as seen from the North Flank

Masnerkopf NE-Face from HexenseeHutte
Masnerkopf NE-Face from Hexensee Hut

Masnerkopf is much less frequently climbed as its neighbor Furgler, where crowds are no exception in the summer months due to the vicinity of the Lazid and Komperdell lifts. Also, Masnerkopf is the easiest mountain to be climbed from the Hexenseehütte. It takes an hour to 1,5 to get to the summit from the Hut. Occasionally people tend to climb this mountain in the evening to enjoy the sunset from the summit. The normal route on Masnerkopf goes from the Hexensee Hut to the Hexensattel. From there the trail goes straight up the NW-flank to the summit. The route is not difficult and graded T3.

Masnerkopf without Chairlift

Masnerkopf (E-NE Face, 2828m)
Masnerkopf with Chairlift

Masnerkopf is situated along the weitwanderweg 712 (" long-distance-trail ") which connects the Koelner Haus & Hexenseehütte with the Heidelberger Hut. A part of this route is the famous Smugglers Tour, a trail between Samnaun in Switzerland and Serfaus in Austria formerly used by smugglers between the two countries. Masnerkopf is, together with Hexenkopf, occasionally climbed as a part of this route.

Route Description

Masnerkopf Route MAP
Masnerkopf Route MAP
Trail to the Hexensattel
Trail to the Hexensattel
Climbing Masnerkopf is not for the impatient. Whether coming from Serfaus or See im Paznauntal, all approach routes are long. Climbing Masnerkopf requires a long day of hiking but of course there is also the possibility to spend a night in the Hexenseehütte. The Hexenseehütte is the base for climbing Masnerkopf as well as Hexenkopf and can be reached as follows:

Approach From Serfaus

Take the cableway system from Serfaus up to the Komperdell and continue all the way up to Lazid (2346m). Follow the broad ‘’Kamm’’ in the direction of the Scheid saddlepoint (2429m). At the Scheid there are 2 trails/paths, both of them leading towards the Arrezjoch (2587m). Follow the hiking trail or the broad path to the Arrezjoch. The hiking trail is more scenic though. At this point you can spot the Hexenseehütte in front. Follow the trail to the Hexenseehütte (Yellow signpost at the Arrezjoch; trail 26A).

Approach From See

Alternatively, coming from See in Paznauntal, take trail 713 up all the way to the Masnerjoch at 2685 meters. From the saddle, follow route 713 and eventually route 26 to the Hexenseehütte.

To the Summit
From the Hexenseehütte head towards the west along trail 713. This trail goes over easy terrain to the Hexensattel (2715m). This trail is also marked as 27. Follow the trail in the direction of the Hexensattel. At the first signpost, at about two thirds of the trail to the Hexensattel, take a left towards trail 28. This trail goes up the north flank of Masnerkopf. Keep following the trail up the mountain and after some 30 minutes you will reach the summit. The part on trail 28 is somewhat steeper, but still easy and graded T3. When you see the lift’s top station in front of you go around it (to the right) and shortly you are standing on the actual summit. Since the lift’s station is somewhat below, the views are not blocked giving you a 360 degrees panoramic view. Descent is the same way back. A variant to this route is to stay on track 713/27 and follow it to the Hexensattel. From the Hexensattel follow the NW-flank up to the summit over easy terrain (T3).

Masnerkopf & Gmaiersee late in the Afternoon
Masnerkopf & Gmaiersee late in the Afternoon; Watze (3534m) in the back

How to get There

How to get There: Hexenkopf
How to get There Map
The Samnaun Group
Summit view in Winter
(& Fiss and Ladis) are located in the heart of Tirol and can be reached most easily by car.  The official website of Serfaus-Fiss and Ladis includes a route-planner. Fill in your home address for your route information. The route planner can be found here. This link also provides information about Train & Bus schedules as well as Taxi services.

For information about getting to See im Paznauntal see the official Website. This site provides a description of all access routes by car as well as timetables for buses and train.

When to Climb

Masnerkopf North Flank
Masnerkopf North Flank

Masnerkopf can be climbed best during the summer months and in Fall (June / October) when there is no snow present on the mountain.

Mountain Hut

Hexensee Hutte (2588m)

Name: Hexenseehütte

Elevation: 2588m

Beds: 22

Telephone:  +4354766214 


Internet Page: Here

Maps & Books

Leichte 3000er – Dieter Seibert - Bruckmann Verlag - ISBN 9783765436772

Kummerleyand Frey –  Ischgl & Serfaus - 1:35.000 - ISBN 9783259007136

Kompass 42- Landeck Nauders Samnaun Group – 1:50.000ISBN 9783850265423

Kompass 42 Samnaun Group

Book: Leichte 3000er

Kummerley + Frey MAp Ischgl Serfaus

External Links

View towards Hexenkopf
View towards Hexenkopf

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