Matterhorn Images, Switzerland.

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Matterhorn Images, Switzerland.
Created On: Apr 18, 2008
Last Edited On: Oct 8, 2009

The Matterhorn Trail.

The Matterhorn Trail.Lake below the trail
Matterhorn, Switzerland.Matterhorn (4,478 m/4,692 ft)
APR, 05. 2008. The Matterhorn (German) or Cervino (Italian), (French: Mont Cervin or Le Cervin) is perhaps the most familiar mountain in the European Alps.

On the border between Switzerland and Italy, it towers over the Swiss village of Zermatt and the Italian village Breuil-Cervinia in the Val Tournanche.

The Matterhorn has four faces which face the four compass points: The Hörnli ridge of the northeast (the center ridge in the view from Zermatt) is the usual climbing route. My french friend Heloise and I did a short 5-hour-hike of the Matterhorn trail. The views of the mountain and surroundings were impressive!


Matterhorn, Switzerland.Matterhorn as seen from the trail.
Matterhorn, Switzerland.Here, with Matterhorn in the background.
We hiked the trail that runs below Matterhorn foothills. An amazing scenery!. Matterhorn (4,478 meters/14,692 feet) looks huge from the valley.

After reading books, looking at pictures and more stuff about Matterhorn, being there was a dream come true for me. Actually, a short visit to the Swiss border was more than enough for me, but I managed to get the closest possible to my dream.

This amazing place is really a paradise, I hope and look forward to be on its summit some day:-)


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Matterhorn Images, Switzerland.

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