Meaden Peak 1:100,000 Map Designation

This is the designation on the location of Meaden Peak on the USGS 1:100,000 Scale Topo Map.

Even though Meaden Peak East is the highest mountain in the Elkhead Mountains, there is some confusion about the name of the mountain or even a debate as to if there is a real name at all!

According to Kramarsic’s book on the history of the area, the name Meaden Peak originally identified the peak to the west at 10,561 feet that overlooks California Park. In 1932 the wrong name was applied on the map to this, the highest peak in the Elkhead Mountains. Because of this, the 7.5 minute map labels this peak as Meaden Peak and since the mistake was made almost 80 years ago, most locals refer to the peak as Meaden Peak (especially when viewing it from the east), East Meaden Peak, or Meaden Peak East. The name McFaddin Peak has also been proposed for this peak.

The website listsofjohn adds yet another name of "North Sand Mountain", but since the mountain is already known by several other names, adding yet another name will only add to the confusion.


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