Meseta el Palmar

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 32.34015°N / 116.923°W
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Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 2297 ft / 700 m
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meseta el palmar view from cerro colorado
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Meseta el palmar is a flat top mountain that stands at 700M above sea level. It is a fairly simple hike to do in one day if you are around the area and there is not much to do. you ca see year round families hiking to the top, children, solo hikers. It has an amazing view of rosarito, tijuana, and the san diego bay, from the top. The hike can be done withing a day with a total of 12km from the initial trail to the top of the el palmar.

 Getting There

To get to Meseta el palmar, you must take the No.1 Highway in south direction, coming down from san diego to rosarito, then keep driving a couple of miles until you get to popotla on the same highway, which is a town right next to rosarito. Upon arrival to popotla, movie theather studio called ¨foxploration¨, you take a left to a highway, that connects tecate and rosarito. you take that highway for about 5 miles until you reach a Coconut stand on the highway. You may park your car at the coconut stand and give the guy a small tip for taking care of it, he is used to people getting there to take the hike upto the meseta. the trail is on the right side of the coconut stand


the route is fairly simple. Next to the coconut stand the trail starts there, you must hike about 5 miles to get to the base of el palmar, and from the base to the top is less than a mile hike up.

Red Tape

Pack in pack out.

No permits are required to hike this trail or access La meseta el palmar.

You may encounter cattle on the hills, but be sure to give them their space, they are also used to people hiking there.

When to Climb

Meseta el palmal can be hiked all year long, on rainy conditions make sure to take trekking poles and microspikes, the rain can create really slippery muddy hills


Camping is permitted under ones own risk, but is not really necesary. There are no campfires pits around so it is best to not create one, unless it is really necesary ad under all precautions.

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