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Created On: Feb 16, 2014
Last Edited On: Feb 24, 2014

About the Album of Mestecăniș

In February 2014 I had the chance to have a hike in the Mestecăniș Mountain Range, from the Mestecăniș Pass (1086 m) to the Mestecăniș Peak - and return. The Mestecăniș Mountain Range is part of the Eastern Carpathians, in Moldva province of Romania. This mountain range is 30 km long and 12 km wide. Its highest summit is Vârful Lucina (1588 m). But the easiest access is to the peak called Vârful Mestecăniș (1291 m). Access to this peak is easy, apart from the fact that the summit is occupied by a military base. I saw now guards and I entered the first ring of fence (with opened gate), but I didn't cross the second ring of fence. So finally I was 100 m far from the top and I could reach altitude of 1270 meter.

The weather was not very inviting during my hiking, and so my photos are also a bit colourless, but still I share my photos. For me it was an exciting trip as this was the first time when I have been to the Moldva Province of Romania. Also other visitors of SP might be interested as this album is only the second material published on SP on any mountains of Moldva province in Romania.


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